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Short and Sweet Bakeshop

Short & Sweet Bakeshop: The Most Instagrammable Bakery in Toronto

I have been a patron of Short & Sweet Bakeshop for over three years now. I first discovered the airy Avenue Road bakery in 2016, and was beyond excited when they expanded and became...

The Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Edibles

Edibles - or food products with marijuana in them -  are controversial, but highly popular with a certain subset of stoners. But, don’t just jump off the deep-end with a friend’s cookie! It’s risky...
Von Doughnuts

Iconic Food from Pop Culture You Can Actually Try in Toronto

Growing up, some of my favourite movies, shows and books just made my mouth water (like wishful cravings of chocolate from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or even green eggs and ham from...

How to Pick a Plant-Based Milk

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy or are simply just a curious foodie, I can almost guarantee that you have tried at least one of the plant-based milk products...
Grand Electric Taco

Toronto’s Best Taco Options

Tacos continue to be a beloved choice in the city of Toronto (okay, all over the world). With all the solid options for tacos in Toronto, we rounded up our favourite spots.   Campechano Taquería If you're...
Toronto Food Truck Festival

Food Truck Festival Returns to Toronto

The Toronto Food Truck Festival will be returning this August. Located in Woodbine Park, food truck vendors will be serving up some tasty eats. About the Festival Admissions is always free, and there are...
Toronto Skyline

Toronto Dining Style

Let’s talk about money. In Toronto, Canada's capital of finance and culture, it is an unspoken rule that what you earn and more importantly, what you spend, will get you the best table in...
baru seeds

The Buzz on Baru Seeds

Deep in Cerrado, the Brazilian Savanna, you will find baru trees. While greatly threatened by deforestation, determined efforts are being made for the preservation of these trees as their seeds are trending on the...
Don Alfonso 1890

Best Dinner in Toronto: DINE’s Top Choices

When it comes to deciding the best dinner options in Toronto, the choices can be overwhelming. Toronto undoubtedly has one of the best food scenes in Canada. When the weekend hits, picking a spot...

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