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Donald Ziraldo

Donald Ziraldo – Riesling Icewine

“Canada and Icewine are Synonymous” - Donald Ziraldo. One cannot imagine Canadian Icewine without Donald Ziraldo. He raised the industry from its infancy to its current standard of excellence for which Canada is so proud....
Argentina Grapes

Tango Through Argentina

I feel like a Roman emperor. Soaking in a bubbling barrel bath of Cabernet Sauvignon, I sip sparkling wine under the stars. It is nightfall at the Patios de Cafayate wine spa, and the...

Portland’s Liquid Assets

A beacon of environmentally forward urban planning, with endless green spaces, electric car charging stations, solar-powered trash compactors, and even a building heated by cylinders above a pizza oven, Portland is one of the...
Pressed & Co. Juice Bar

Pressed & Co. Juice Bar

You may have seen shiny, stylized storefronts popping up in your neighbourhood selling cold-pressed juice. Even the shelves of your local supermarket are likely filled with liquid gold in all shades of the rainbow....

Let’s Spill the Tea

Boil up the kettle and break out the china, it’s Tea Time! Coffee is the ever popular beverage we all tend to turn to in the mornings for that much needed boost of energy it...
Lesley Gracie, Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s: A Wildly Unusual Gin

“I am lying in a hammock in the communal sleeping hut in a small village in the Venezuelan rainforest. At night it is pitch black and pouring rain. I can hear the cockroaches scurrying...
French Quarter, New Orleans

Louisiana Road Trip

The mouth of the Mississippi is bilingual. Its jewel, New Orleans, stirs the gumbo pot of ancestry and cuisine to the rhythms of jazz and zydeco. They call it the Big Easy—because anything goes....

Sparkling Canadians

In conversation with sommelier, Zoltan Szabo, Adam Waxman discusses how Canada is sparkling from coast to coast Adam Waxman: Canada’s sparkling wines have recently emerged on the world stage. How did that happen? Zoltan Szabo: Well,...
Vodka Cocktail

Vodka Then and Now

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Raise a glass and make a toast to Poland and its gift to the world... With vodka of course. Vodka has taken a circuitous route around the globe...
La Cite du Vin, Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Wine Route

The world of wine swirls around Bordeaux. Bordeaux is a style, a quality, and a symbol of status. The soul of Bordeaux is vested in the newly minted La Cité du Vin. Is it...

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