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Kanpai to Summer!

In an interview with Maxim magazine last year, late culinary hero Anthony Bourdain declared that if he had to pick one country to be stuck in forever, it would be Japan. While I have...

New and Exciting in Toronto

Apres Noir, an entertainment behemoth unique to Toronto, unique in the world, is the brainchild of Carlo Parentela, President and GM of Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue. Parentela’s global imagination is as boundless as...

Apres Noir

“That’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it” - KC and the Sunshine Band We pull up to the impressive entrance at Château Le Jardin.  Valet’s leap with alacrity to take our car, and...

International Daiquiri Day

Today is INTERNATIONAL DAIQUIRI DAY! Nothing cools us down better during this summer heat than the Bacardi Original Daiquiri! By the pool or on the patio, it's as easy to mix as it is...

In Love With RAW

Catering is not just about food anymore. It’s about an experience. The team of hosts at RAW Catering clearly loves what they’re doing, and their charm and charisma are infectious. It’s new; it’s fun;...

Sara’s Holiday Pix

Whether you've been naughty or nice, here are eight gift ideas to put you in everyone's good books: 1) There’s only one Swiss Master This year Santa’s helpers have come to town and have left a...

Simply Divine Treviso

On a typical morning, I wake to the sounds of the ebb and flow of early morning commerce filtering through the open window of Locanda Ponte Dante. Five guestrooms have been created in this...

DINE’s Holiday Dining Pix

Check out DINE and Destination's pix for dining over the holidays at Toronto's best restaurants.

Modus: The Value of Service

My introduction to Sam Genkov was through a dish of thickly cut gnocchi luxuriating in rich Gorgonzola cream, crunchy toasted walnuts and a sweet accent of caramelized pears. This was at his Bravi Ristorante,...
Surf and Turf, Gio, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Taste of Nova Scotia

"Look at all the things we produce here!" says a market vendor as he points to a panorama of seafood, meats, fruits, greens, cheeses and wines. While Tall Ships sail past the famous Pier...

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