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JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa

The Siren Call of the Sun

Winter has its charms, but they tend to fade after a blizzard or two, and those of us who have a low cold-weather tolerance yearn for the sun. Like moths to the flame, we...
Four Seasons Miami

South Beach Dining

In any given week, the world's foodies converge on this tropical mecca, seeking out new dining concepts, new flavour fusions and seasonally changing menus. There are two seasons: Warm and Hot. High above the...
New Orleans

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler en Louisiana

Vaulted tombs, coloured beads, Sazeracs and trombones race through my mind as I wind through Louisiana toward The Big Easy. “We’re not as naughty as you might think,” a local once told me. “We’ve...
Legal Seafoods

Four Great Places to Dine in Boston

Legal Seafoods I drive straight to Legal Seafoods from the airport and in minutes, I am digging in to a platter of fried clams and a veritable oceanic feast of lobster, Maryland lump crab cakes,...

Washington: America’s Company Town

“Washington has the worst of both worlds: Northern charm and Southern efficiency,” said JFK. I have an appointment for an interview with a high-up FBI source. But, what does the FBI really think of us....

Southern Comfort In Louisiana

Paddling up the Mississippi, Canadian brothers Bienville and Iberville spotted a Cypress pole drenched in animal blood. While this would have been enough to turn my boat around fast, it was here—where this Baton...
Creole cuisine

Cajun vs. Creole

Cajuns descended from Acadians. Known as The Grand Derangement, they were deported by the British from Eastern Canada and permitted by the French to rural Louisiana. Many traditional dishes were lost due to the...
New Orleans

Louisiana: Fun Facts

⚜️ “You Are My Sunshine” is one of the two official state songs ⚜️ Tabasco sauce comes from Avery Island ⚜️ Atchafalaya Basin is the world’s largest freshwater river basin ⚜️ Louisiana is the only state in...
Poverty Point

Louisiana’s Pyramids

Before Stonehenge, before the pyramid of Cheops, before Chichen Itza, North American natives built mounds in Louisiana. A thriving native culture built North America’s first city at what is known as Poverty Point World Heritage...
Fort Lauderdale

By The Sea…In Fort Lauderdale

There is an illicit thrill to landing smack into summer from snow and freezing rain. We’re thumbing our noses at Mother Nature. Driving along the lively, café-society stretch of N. Beach Boulevard to the Atlantic...

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