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The Origin of Claudio

The thing about Claudio is that he is a rebel – with a cause: to amaze and thrill his ever growing fan-base just by being true to himself, and cooking what appeals to him....

Passover Menu

Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan (March or April in Gregorian calendar); the first month of the Hebrew calendar's festival year according to the Hebrew Bible. These holy days...

Japan Through Food

If we are what we eat, we should be able to extrapolate a lot about a culture from its cuisine. Such is the idea behind Asian Foodprints 2010, the international conference focusing on Japanese...

DINE magazine, Sound Bite: McEwan McEwan Executive Chef, Ivana Raca, shows you how to make truffled gnocchi.

Where To DINE Now: MoRoCo

MoRoCo is an acronym for owner Kelly Kimel’s labours of love: her two children and…cocoa. Once an art gallery; MoRoCo is an elegant, French inspired lounge in which every nuance, every accoutrement, has been...

Mission Hill – Five Vineyards

If ever you find yourself in the Okanagan Valley, consider your experience incomplete without a visit to Mission Hill. Architecturally magnificent, it overlooks Lake Okanagan’s majestic landscape. Their terrace restaurant offers panoramic views, while...

DINE magazine, Sound Bite: Starfish Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill's World Oyster Opening Champion, Patrick McMurry, shows you how to shuck an oyster.

Bienvenudo a Miami

Again, it begins: snow, sleet and black ice. Like migrating birds, we answer the call of the South: blue sea, white sand and stone crab, snorkeling, scuba diving and Pina Coladas under an ocean...

DINE magazine, Sound Bite: Nami Nami Japanese Seafood Restaurant Executive Chef Tadashi Takinami shows you how to make a California roll.

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