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Kumano Kodo, Wakayama

Wakayama: Land of the Gods

Legend has it that the Kumano region in the Kii Mountain Range of Wakayama is a place where deities descended and now reside within trees, mountains, rocks and rivers. Following in the footsteps of...
Soba Noodles

For the Love of Soba in Hyogo

With great anticipation I arrive at the impeccable Hoshinoya ryokan in Kyoto, Japan, and head to dinner. Seated in front of the chef's counter, my host welcomes me and begins to prepare fresh soba...
Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto

Tao of Tea in Kyoto

For the Japanese, asymmetry, or unbalanced structure, is beautiful. A tearoom is a typical example of this way of thinking. Decoration is limited and rather simple. Simplicity is the essence—"without any decoration we can...

Kyoto, Zen and Now

Looking out on the serenity of Kyoto City from the balcony of Kiyomizu Temple, we glimpse the first bud of spring. Breathing it in, the temple monk shares with me that, "when you look...

Memories of Matsushima

Japan is a beautiful country. Three places in particular, often written about in Japanese poetry and prose, are considered the "Big Three" spectacular views: Mt. Fuji, Amanohashidate, and Matsushima. Mt. Fuji is an ever-present, pristine...

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