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Kumano Beef, Wakayama

My Beef With Wagyu

Recently I read “Wagyu Carpaccio” on a restaurant menu. I asked the waitress, rhetorically, cynically, “Where is this Wagyu from?” After checking with the kitchen she returned to tell me, “Canada.” Really? If I...
Peruvian Market in Lima

International Markets

Food trails and markets have become the tastiest part of any travel experience. They are the places where we can really sink our teeth into a taste of place. Write up a new bucket...

Kyoto, Zen and Now

Looking out on the serenity of Kyoto City from the balcony of Kiyomizu Temple, we glimpse the first bud of spring. Breathing it in, the temple monk shares with me that, "when you look...
Okinawa Cuisine

Recipe for Longevity in Okinawa

Another day, another diet... but more important than how we metabolize food, is how we metabolize stress. There really is no magic diet for healthy longevity, nor one miracle diet or pill either—but, how...
Ehime, Shikoku, Japan

Ehime, Where Fish Feed on Oranges and Chocolate

The sunset over Ehime is as orange as the profusion of mandarin oranges that grow there. Sunlight, direct and reflected off the sea, showers 18 different kinds of sweet and juicy fruit. As the...
Yamagata Beef, Han No Daidokuro

Yamagata Beef at Han No Daidokoro in Tokyo

In the world of Wagyu there are so many brands worth sampling. Tokyo has them all. Restaurants specialize in sourcing the best. On a recent visit, I check off another major luxury brand from...
Meditation Bath, Hoshinoya, Karuizawa

Unique Japanese Hot Springs

Thermal waters that well up across Japan’s volcanic island arc discharge healing power. These luxurious baths reflect tradition and local pride and attract tourism in droves. From Ibusuki in Kyushu to Noboribetsu in Hokkaido,...
Les Saisons, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Imperial Tokyo

Beneath Tokyo’s neon skyline is a utopia of fashion and gastronomy. Each neighbourhood, a unique labyrinth of shopping and eating, from underground food gardens to vertical cityscapes, offers everything under the sun. A map...

Memories of Matsushima

Japan is a beautiful country. Three places in particular, often written about in Japanese poetry and prose, are considered the "Big Three" spectacular views: Mt. Fuji, Amanohashidate, and Matsushima. Mt. Fuji is an ever-present, pristine...
The Ando Japanese Doll Shop

Sweet Sixty in Kyoto

Doll making is a serious craft throughout Asia. For centuries Japanese artisans and students made frequent visits to China to learn from the Chinese masters of the trade. Then, in the 9th century, a...

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