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Yamagata Beef, Han No Daidokuro

Yamagata Beef at Han No Daidokoro in Tokyo

In the world of Wagyu there are so many brands worth sampling. Tokyo has them all. Restaurants specialize in sourcing the best. On a recent visit, I check off another major luxury brand from...
Ehime, Shikoku, Japan

Ehime, Where Fish Feed on Oranges and Chocolate

The sunset over Ehime is as orange as the profusion of mandarin oranges that grow there. Sunlight, direct and reflected off the sea, showers 18 different kinds of sweet and juicy fruit. As the...

How to Brew Japanese Tea

Japanese monks brought tea to Japan from China in the 9th Century. At that time only the religious and royal classes were consuming it. From it’s popularity among nobility came the Japanese tea ceremony....
Park Hyatt Tokyo

Oasis of Tranquility in Bustling Tokyo

Who could have imagined a population density of a staggering 9.3 million people in an area slightly smaller than Victoria, B.C. How do they keep from bumping into each other in this intensely urban...

My Fifteen Minutes as a Geisha in Kyoto

Every year, 50 million Tourists visit Kyoto, and the Flower Towns are a favourite since they are home to the remaining Geishas and Maikos, (geishas in training.) I peer through the wooden slat screen...

Dining in Jitokuji Monastery in Kyoto, Japan

cJapan does not slide open its shoji doors and give up its secrets easily. However, it invites the gaijin to enter and indulge in its culinary pleasures. While there, I set aside my pragmatic...
Sake Vending Machine, Niigata

Sake On Tap in Niigata

Faster than a speeding bullet train, I am at the Ponshu-kan shop within the Echigo-Yuzawa train station. I slide my 500¥ coin across the counter in exchange for five tokens. Then, giddy-eyed, I scan...
Tottori Sand Dunes

Totally Tottori

Hold on tight! When mounting a camel, as it rises, it can feel like you’re that last piece on a Jenga tower. We begin our trek into the quiet of the desert, accompanied only...
Hoshinoya, Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan

Nagano: Welcome To Paradise

“And then she turned her gaze up toward the heavens” —Dante Alighieri Floating lanterns are lit as the sun goes down. Sipping green tea on the deck of my villa overlooking the water, I...
Snow Monkey, Jigokudani, Nagano

Oita: Welcome To Hell

“The path to paradise begins in hell” - Dante Alighieri I am on a tour of Hell in the city of Beppu, Oita on the beautiful southern island of Kyushu, Japan. Serene and inviting,...

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