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Manoir Hovey

Living Well in La Belle Province

Lounging under the stars in the percolating effervescence of a huge, heated thermal pool, we are protected from the elements by walls of natural rocks and boulders at Spa Eastman. There is wind and...
Norfolk County Corn

Norfolk County: Ontario’s Garden

Time was, tobacco reigned supreme; and farming the “tobacco belt,” Norfolk County, was based on a quota system—a piece of paper that provided entitlement to local farmers. In recent years, the government removed that...
Surf and Turf, Gio, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Taste of Nova Scotia

"Look at all the things we produce here!" says a market vendor as he points to a panorama of seafood, meats, fruits, greens, cheeses and wines. While Tall Ships sail past the famous Pier...
Montreal Nightscape

Savouring Montreal

MONTREAL Montreal is a city of many religions, including the big five: Hockey, Dining, Cycling, Dancing and L’Amour. From Plateau-Mont-Royal to Westmount, Outremont to Mile End, hundreds of kilometres of bicycle paths weave through the...

Vancouver Island Feast

"The Feast Concierge", Karma Brophy, hosted Sara Waxman on a gastronomic tour through the lovely seaside village of Oak Bay on Vancouver Island. This community has its own culinary character and edible treasures, and...

Ottawa: Capital Cool

Lazily drifting along a slow moving river with Owl Rafting as the sun sparkles off the ripples in our wake, we hear the distant rush of falls closer and closer until voom! We’ve got...

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