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Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee Serves World’s Most Expensive Coffee

For many of us a warm, satisfying cup of liquid energy, aka coffee, to kick start our day is an essential enjoyment--whether it’s at home, during our commute, once we get to work or,...
Joshua Tree National Park, California

Where to Travel in California in 2019

California is hands down one of my favourite places to travel in the United States. Consisting of diverse climates and landscapes, beautiful national parks, and some of the most exciting cities in the country,...
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co

A Taste of the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara

It’s Thursday night and Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone is hopping. The culinary scene in the small, California coastal city is creative, locally driven and often playful, propelled by regional star chefs and new arrivals...
San Diego Skyline

San Diego: Rediscovering “America’s Finest City”

As we make the turn on to 5th Ave., the hub of the historical Gaslamp District, it’s clear we’re not in Kansas City anymore. With a Pacific Ocean breeze wafting up from the bay...

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