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Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co

A Taste of the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara

It’s Thursday night and Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone is hopping. The culinary scene in the small, California coastal city is creative, locally driven and often playful, propelled by regional star chefs and new arrivals...
San Diego Skyline

San Diego: Rediscovering “America’s Finest City”

As we make the turn on to 5th Ave., the hub of the historical Gaslamp District, it’s clear we’re not in Kansas City anymore. With a Pacific Ocean breeze wafting up from the bay...

San Diego: Coastal Cool

To many people, San Diego is the U.S. Naval Submarine Base and Air Station, the museums in Balboa Park and the renowned San Diego Zoo. But to food fanatics like me, San Diego is...

DINE Recommends Unique Spas

We all need to relax. Wouldn't it be great if the office was a hot tub? On days when I'm so wound up I could snap, I reminisce about luxurious spas that seduce the...
The Polo Lounge

Morning Stardust at the Polo Lounge

“Good morning,” he lied. That’s the first and only line of an anecdote that made the rounds of Hollywood a while back. Make of it what you will. Mornings are key in this...
Berkeley, California

Culinary Bohemians of Berkeley

How did we become so interested in food? From out of the Woodstock generation and the freedom of speech movements in Berkeley, a small conscientious community shared a belief that our connections to food...

Savouring Sonoma

"Il faut cultiver notre jardin" —Candide In one hand I hold a Meyer lemon scone with cranberries and white chocolate, in the other, a warm foccacia with shitake mushrooms, roasted garlic, Jack, Swiss and smoked...
Big Sur, Monterey, California

Meditating on Monterey

“The West is the best. Get here, and we’ll do the rest” – The Doors There’s no rush here. None. If not for that enviable laid-back California vibe where the pace of life and conversation...
Napa Vineyard

Napa Valley: A Delicate Balance

“Napa is the ‘it girl’ of wine country,” I’m told. I’d like to meet her. Over breakfast at the lush Meadowood Napa Valley, steaming pumpkin pancakes with rum raisins, a dollop of fresh ricotta and...
Para Gliding, Torrey-Pines, San-Diego

Caliente Cali-Baja Revolucion

We are soaring above rocky cliffs. Beyond, the ocean looks like glistening rolls of cellophane. The sun is a flash bulb floating on the horizon. There’s a nude beach below and a refreshing calmness...

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