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My Fifteen Minutes as a Geisha in Kyoto

Every year, 50 million Tourists visit Kyoto, and the Flower Towns are a favourite since they are home to the remaining Geishas and Maikos, (geishas in training.) I peer through the wooden slat screen...
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Family Friendly Travel in Japan

Beyond the temples and the tech, tourists heading to Japan often wonder what there is to do with their children. Well, there’s a lot. Family travel in Japan offers incredible opportunities that are totally...

Okinawa: Japan’s Sun-Kissed Archipelago

Adventure travellers and solitude seekers alike gravitate to Japan’s sun-kissed southern archipelago, Okinawa. Driving through pineapple fields, by mangrove forests, and along a majestic shoreline, the island of healthy longevity reveals a tropical paradise. Okinawans...

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler en Louisiana

Vaulted tombs, coloured beads, Sazeracs and trombones race through my mind as I wind through Louisiana toward The Big Easy. “We’re not as naughty as you might think,” a local once told me. “We’ve...
Four Seasons Hotel, Florence

The Fabulousness of Firenze

“There are two kinds of light: the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.” —James Thurber Surely Thurber had Florence in mind. Florence glows in illuminary light that is evident in the paintings of...

One Day In…The Kawarthas

Beyond the city limits we breathe easier as we head to the Kawarthas, home of the Kawartha Dairy ice cream, the Canadian Canoe Museum and Petroglyphs Provincial Park. In the middle of it all...

Kingston: Hidden Gems

Kingston’s dining scene is exploding with diversity. The best way to discover Canada’s first capital is to stay in comfort at the cozy family-run Green Acres Inn, enjoy breakfast in bed, and then make...

Ottawa: Capital Cool

Lazily drifting along a slow moving river with Owl Rafting as the sun sparkles off the ripples in our wake, we hear the distant rush of falls closer and closer until voom! We’ve got...
Brock Tunnel, Brockville

1000 Islands: Hidden Gems

The top of the 1000 Islands Tower offers 360° of open-air panoramic views of the 1000 Islands dressing the St. Lawrence River. From the tower we're given a unique history of flash points in...

All Roads Lead to Rome

The railroad station is a microcosm of the world’s travelers. Looking at the monitor, with its evolving schedules and locales, it is clear that all roads lead to Rome. Convenience is central to our...

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