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Epicurean Osaka

Once Japan’s centre for rice trading, the “nation’s kitchen,” located at the mouth of Osaka Bay, also has an insatiable appetite. To be good here, restaurateurs have to be great. The massive availability of...

Palm Springs Eternal

“Set me alight. We'll punch a hole right through the night. Everyday the dreamers die. See what's on the other side.” – U2, The Joshua Tree It’s another planet. Giant blobs of granite stacked...
Olive grove

Planting Ahead

Terroir and Thermal amplitude (cool nights and warm days), enable olive oil production in the same area as wine. Olives are planted at the same time as grapes, and ripen immediately afterwards. Touring the...

The World of Olive Oil

The world of olive oil is just as complicated as the world of wine. “Italy has some of the most beautiful products that anyone can imagine”, Elena Lepori tells me. “But we don’t get...
Fairmont Le Chateau Montabello

Savouring Outaouais

In the Outaouais region, we come upon the world’s grandest, most dramatic log cabin, standing like a beacon of hospitality in the rolling countryside. Fairmont Le Château Montebello, more than 80 years old, still...

Kingston: The Capital of Hip

Sipping an espresso at Coffeeco in front of Market Square, I have a sense that I am in a piazza. The morning Farmer’s Market gives way to children frolicking in the square and, later,...
Lion at African Lion Safari

Oasis in Ontario: African Lion Safari

What’s trending right now in tourism? Safaris. What’s the easiest safari to access? African Lion Safari, located on 750 acres of farmland between Cambridge and Hamilton. Dedicated to the conservation of declining wildlife species, this...

We’ll Always Have Paris

Paris in late afternoon is a giant parking lot, an obstacle course that only daredevils on scooters can navigate. But while the car is at a standstill, it gives me the opportunity to admire...

Windsor, Wine and Whiskey in Ontario’s Southwest

What is a Canadian hug? It’s the warm embrace of rye whisky going down smooth and slow. At JP Wiser’s we tour and taste the spirit of Canada and, in the heart of Walkerville—the...

The Japan Sea Side

The rocky shores of the Japan Sea offer spectacular vistas. Paddling, swimming, scenic drives and delicious seafood make a trip to the coast an unforgettable experience. Here are some “don’t miss” experiences along the...

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