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Kyoto, Zen and Now

Looking out on the serenity of Kyoto City from the balcony of Kiyomizu Temple, we glimpse the first bud of spring. Breathing it in, the temple monk shares with me that, "when you look...
vegandale food and drink festival

Vegandale Food & Drink Festival Returns to Toronto!

You may remember the Vegan Food and Drink Festival from last summer when it came to Toronto with all of its cruelty-free deliciousness. It’s back for a fourth summer, but for an extra day...

New and Exciting in Toronto

Apres Noir, an entertainment behemoth unique to Toronto, unique in the world, is the brainchild of Carlo Parentela, President and GM of Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue. Parentela’s global imagination is as boundless as...

Twin Peaks in St. Lucia

Nick Troubetzkoy, a young Canadian architect, stumbled upon a charming island hotel and purchased it. Renovations, additions, improvements—that’s what architects do—until there is no place to go but up. And adjacent to the property...

Simply Divine Treviso

On a typical morning, I wake to the sounds of the ebb and flow of early morning commerce filtering through the open window of Locanda Ponte Dante. Five guestrooms have been created in this...
Adam Waxman with President Jimmy Carter

Working For Peanuts

When in Georgia, do as the Georgians: grab a cold bottle of Coke and pour in a handful of salted, roasted peanuts! The simple peanut is actually quite complex. We add it to salads, entrées...
New Orleans

Louisiana: Fun Facts

⚜️ “You Are My Sunshine” is one of the two official state songs ⚜️ Tabasco sauce comes from Avery Island ⚜️ Atchafalaya Basin is the world’s largest freshwater river basin ⚜️ Louisiana is the only state in...
Lake Garda

Fish and Chef in Lake Garda

Fish and Chef is a splendid annual food and wine extravaganza that takes place in the lovely area that surrounds Lake Garda. To Malcesine, Garda, Cavaion Veronese, Bardolino andcPeschiera del Garda come Italy’s finest...

Epicurean Japan

While many people think of Japanese cuisine as merely "the big three": sushi, tempura, teriyaki; there is so much more. Seasonal and regional varieties abound. Across Japan people know: when visiting Tottori, try the...

The World of Olive Oil

The world of olive oil is just as complicated as the world of wine. “Italy has some of the most beautiful products that anyone can imagine”, Elena Lepori tells me. “But we don’t get...

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