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Poverty Point

Louisiana’s Pyramids

Before Stonehenge, before the pyramid of Cheops, before Chichen Itza, North American natives built mounds in Louisiana. A thriving native culture built North America’s first city at what is known as Poverty Point World Heritage...

New and Exciting in Toronto

Apres Noir, an entertainment behemoth unique to Toronto, unique in the world, is the brainchild of Carlo Parentela, President and GM of Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue. Parentela’s global imagination is as boundless as...
Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach

A Foodie’s Paradise in New Smyrna Beach

It is just a short jaunt from grey winter cold. I join my fellow snowbirds and disembark into the glittering sunshine of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I've been counting down the days on my...
Cup and Saucer Trail, Manitoulin Island

Catching Dreams In Manitoulin

Tassles dangle from a tightly woven dream catcher and gently sway in the breeze. "Do you know what a dream catcher is?” I ask my son. “Do you know where it comes from?” He...
Don Alfonso 1890

Best Dinner in Toronto: DINE’s Top Choices

When it comes to deciding the best dinner options in Toronto, the choices can be overwhelming. Toronto undoubtedly has one of the best food scenes in Canada. When the weekend hits, picking a spot...
Rural Routes & Dirty Boots

Durham Region: Rural Routes and Dirty Boots

From the historic town of Uxbridge to the lakeside parks of Port Perry and the shore of Whitby, one can discover a veritable beerdom in the heart of Durham Region. The rural routes that...
Canoeing, Algonquin Park

Among The Pines, in Algonquin

"In Algonquin Park...seeing Adam paddle a canoe was like watching poetry in motion. I loved going up there every summer" - Al Waxman from That's What I Am He was so proud as he waved...
Path Entrance

No More Getting Lost in Toronto’s PATH Labyrinth

Before I ever moved to Toronto, I learned about the infrastructure and engineering marvel that is the PATH. The over 30 kilometre underground network of pedestrian tunnels and walkways, containing numerous food courts, shops...

Prince Edward County: Hidden Gems

Interlaced arts, wine and culinary trails wrap the bounty of the county in epicurean adventure. Breweries, cideries and more than 35 wineries flow from breeze-kissed farmland to Sahara-like sand dunes. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay...
Truffle Chart

Italy’s Hidden Treasure

You say Truffle, I say Tartufi. How can something so rare, so expensive, so delicious, so wondrous, come from such humble origins? The truffle is a fungus that grows underground, feeds off the water and...

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