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Ancaster old town hall

A Day Trip to Hamilton, Ontario

If you are looking for an interesting day trip from Toronto, Hamilton is a commonly overlooked city near the GTA that offers a multitude of fun experiences. The city of Hamilton has a variety...

Have You Been to The ROM?

If you have lived in Toronto for some time or you're planning a trip to Toronto, you should highly consider visiting the ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum. As the largest museum in Canada, the...
TeaSpoon Café logo

Teaspoon Café Celebrates Milestone

One year ago, the owners of TeaSpoon Café thought of opening a delightful place in Valenzuela, a city in the Philippines, that serves affordable and delicious meals. They originally thought it would be wise...
Radish Carvings from Noche de Los Rabanos

Three Unique Food Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

Food festivals are widely enjoyed because they allow you to try a wide array of foods all within a couple of hours. While any sort of cuisine can be a good time, the best...
Auyuittuq National-Park, Nunavut

Uncover Canada’s Five Best Hidden Tourist Gems

You’re planning on vacationing in Canada. You want to hit all some good tourist spots, but you don’t want to see the usual overcrowded, overrated ones. Canada has so much to see that typical...
The Ando Japanese Doll Shop

Sweet Sixty

Doll making is a serious craft throughout Asia. For centuries Japanese artisans and students made frequent visits to China to learn from the Chinese masters of the trade. Then, in the 9th century, a...
Chef stretching do in the kitchen

Delectable Cuisines Around the World: What to Try When You Travel

Some families want a beach, some crave snow, some fantasize about escaping to the woods. Whatever holiday destination you choose next, there’s two things that everyone looks forward to… the food and drink! We’ve trekked...
butter tarte

Five Foods to Try on Your First Trip to Canada

Canada has become a multicultural hub for people from all sorts of background and our food and drink industry has adjusted accordingly. Here, you will find foods altered and tweaked over time to eventually...
Itsukushima Shrine, Hatsukaichi-shi, Japan

Spiritual Japan: Land of the Gods

Legend has it that the Kumano region in the Kii Mountain Range of Wakayama is a place where deities descended and now reside within trees, mountains, rocks and rivers. Following in the footsteps of...
Soba Noodles

For the Love of Soba

With great anticipation I arrive at the impeccable Hoshinoya ryokan in Kyoto, Japan, and head to dinner. Seated in front of the chef's counter, my host welcomes me and begins to prepare fresh soba...

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Have You Been to The ROM?

Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai from Mott 32

Mott 32, Hong Kong

Gone Fishing