Calming Tips for Self-Care During the Holidays

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The holidays tend to come with a lot of stress and tension. Finding the perfect gifts for loved ones, planning the perfect dinner, stressing over work and family—the list goes on. Many people forget that in order to give during the holidays, they must first take care of themselves. If you need to refill your cup this season, take a look at our calming tips for self-care during the holidays. Include a few of these activities in your day-to-day routine, and you’ll survive and thrive this holiday season!

Start with Gratitude

Try your best to begin each day with grateful thoughts. If you wake up and automatically start stressing about all the tasks you need to complete, then you’ll end up setting the tone for a stressful day. Instead, try to start and continue with positive and grateful thoughts. This will set you up for a more successful day!

Exercise Daily

During the winter, a lot of people’s exercise routines fly out the window. We’re focused on working through our to-do lists, heading out to different events, and spending time with loved ones. Though all of these are important, you’ll feel a lot better if you make time for some exercise each day. Never underestimate the power of a walk—the fresh air and brisk pace will center and fulfill you.

Get Crafty

Crafting isn’t just calming and rejuvenating—it can also result in a fantastic Christmas gift. This year, rather than spend money to buy your friend a scarf, knit her one! Crafting is incredibly therapeutic, so don’t underestimate the power of a knitting, quilting, or painting session. Even if you’re a beginner crafter, plenty of projects will turn out beautifully for a gift.

Take a Night for Yourself

Make room for holiday magic and reserve at least one night a week for yourself. This night will act as a self-care overload where you can truly do whatever you need to do to unwind. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t involve wrapping presents or prepping food. This night is just for you to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. Light some candles, turn on your favorite movie, take a bath—it’s all for you to feel rejuvenated.

Stay Clutter-Free

For a lot of people, the clutter of the holidays ends up adding a lot more stress to their plates. This year, do your best to follow the one-in, one-out strategy. If you buy a new sweater for a party, donate a sweater from last year. Better yet, take a day to donate your winter clothes—doing so will not only remove clutter, but also help you remember the reason for the season. Cleaning is also an excellent way to soothe and revitalize your mind space, so try and pair the two together this year!

Learn to Say No

Believe it or not, you don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to say yes to each activity, event, and social activity—in fact, you shouldn’t. Like we said above, you need to take time for yourself. Stretching yourself too thin is certain to make you more stressed. Make sure to say no to a few things this year—your body, mind, and spirit need you to.


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Written by Mallory Knee


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