Burmese Vegetarian Food: A Must Try Cuisine

Known as the Golden Land, Burma (now Myanmar) is heavily influenced by Buddhist culture and amazingly mouth-watering food.

Recently, when I planned a trip to Myanmar, I was deeply conscious about food. I am a vegetarian, and the country chiefly consumes non-vegetarian food. After some research online and reading travel guides, I decided to take the chance, and looked forward to Burmese Vegetarian food.


I was surprised to see delicious vegetarian food. I first ate a large bowl of sautéed green vegetables with garlic, onion and soy sauce. This first meal raised my hopes and Myanmar made sure not to let me down after that!

Burmese use a lot of fish and fish oil in their vegetarian cooking and if you are looking for something completely vegetarian, then don’t forget to say “Tathaloo” which means “lifeless.” As a Buddhist country, they do offer a large amount of “lifeless” options. You will hardly find any English menus, so just keep saying “tathaloo” to the waiter, or request food you see on someone else’s table.

You will find markets everywhere, and can easily enjoy fresh fruit and veggie salads.

One surprise here is Burmese tea salads. Yes, you read it right! I have never seen any other country or culture using tea leaves in their meals this way.

Lunch & Dinner

I was disappointed when I saw my fellow travelers enjoying delicious non-vegetarian barbeque. However, Myanmar knows how to keep its guests happy and content. I enjoyed a delightful vegetarian BBQ of tofu, cauliflower, bamboo shoots, and marrow leaves. Everything for just $1.70 CDN or 2000 Kyat.  Well, that’s what I call budget travel!

If you are fond of curries, delicious Burmese curries are served with fried rice and fried noodles.

There is a substantial list of curries to enjoy, such as stir-fried grout curry; stir fried bok choy and mushrooms; marrow curry with potato and bean gravy; cheese and tofu stew; and much more. These may not be as nutritive as other dishes, but when you have a craving for noodles, this is the best option you can explore.

Yummy Street Food

While walking the streets of Myanmar, I indulged in Burmese vegetarian street food. Yes, they have fantastic options from fried veggie snacks to rice dumplings, pancakes and fritters.

Traveling to Myanmar is a feast for a vegetarian with surprising to delights to excite any palate.

Bhavna Modgil
Bhavna Modgil is a writer and Social media specialist with a Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Writing about different topics and exploring new places is her favourite thing. Recently, she moved to Canada and now exploring new opportunities here. She loves reading and spending quality time with her family. She is also the founder of an online platform Whoz She, where she lets women across the globe to share their experiences and stories voluntarily with others to inspire and empower them.