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Innis & Gunn

Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn has recently announced a new partnership with Toronto-based brewing collective Brunswick Bierworks. No longer will the brewer have to import kegs of draught beer from Scotland. This means fresher beer and market specific products for Canadians.

Partnering with Brunswick Bierworks enables Innis & Gunn to produce and distribute its core range of beer (including The Original, Gunnpowder IPA and Lager) more efficiently, in a 30L format – and with shorter delivery times for local bars and restaurants – without sacrificing the high quality that they are known for.

“Innis & Gunn is the number one imported craft beer in Canada,” says Nic Rennie, Country Manager for Canada, Innis & Gunn. “Our Canadian fans are incredibly important to us – and they deserve the best possible experience every time they order a pint of our beer. A locally brewed Innis & Gunn is a fresher Innis & Gunn – it’s as simple as that.”

In January 2018, the brewer announced a return to using 100% barrels – a process that is being replicated on-site at Brunswick Bierworks. This is not the first collaboration between the two. In 2018, the two collaborated on two beers brewed specifically for the Canadian market: Kanzan & Sakura, a sour cherry witbier, and Innis & Gunn, a New England IPA created with the Toronto-based semi-permanent tattoo brand inkbox.

“At Innis & Gunn, we believe that the possibilities for beer are limitless,” concluded Rennie. “Being able to experiment with flavour in new ways – exclusively for the Canadian market – presents an incredible opportunity for us. We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us next.”

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