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If you’re a Better Call Saul fan, I know you’re as excited as me. Finally, after more than a year, season 5 is already in its way! 

And surely, like me, the waiting was too long and probably we both grumble about it but we all know the reason why: El Camino.


I’m gonna take the chance to share my feelings about it and I’m gonna say it straight forward, it didn’t catch me, even when I’ve always felt empathy for Jesse Pinkman and I always wanted to see closure, at some point I got bored. But well, at least Jesse is ok now, and that’s all it matters, haha.

Back to the topic, Better Call Saul. In its brief teaser looks like we are going to see a Saul Goodman closer to the Breaking Bad timeline and I can’t wait.


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I think it’s a great chance for a recap. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Saul’s real name is Jimmy McGill, he has an older brother, Chuck, who is an excellent lawyer but has this condition called by himself “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity”. He’s a main partner of HHM, a lawyer buffet and he’s one of the reasons why Jimmy decided to study laws. 
  • Jimmy has a past. He used to be “Slipping Jimmy” as he’s a master in swindling people, so Chuck never trusts Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jimmy tried to show Chuck he can be a great lawyer but his moves were perfectly calculated which didn’t surprise Chuck.
  • After several events, Chuck didn’t want Kim (a lawyer from HHM who was a story with Jimmy) to lead a case and Jimmy manipulated some documents making Chuck wrong about the case. Chuck discovered what Jimmy did, he went to court with enough pieces of evidence and Jimmy was suspended for practicing laws for one year. 
  • In the meantime, el Cartel was lead for the Salamancas and Gus Fring (yes, all of them from Breaking Bad) so they have an enmity because Gus has more control transporting drugs. 
  • Mike, also from Breaking Bad, is working with Gus and he connects with El Madrigal, the owners of Los Pollos Hermanos. On the other hand, Nacho changes the pills Hector Salamanca needs to take cause him serious damage on his brain. 
  • Back to Jimmy, he needed to find a job as he and Kim rent their own space but he’s unable to practice laws. So he decided to be “Slipping Jimmy” again and sell blocked cell phones to local dealers. 


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  • Chuck was having a really hard time with everybody, meaning Jimmy, Kim and his partner Howard Hamlin, as in the court Jimmy show evidence that the condition that Chuck suffers is only in his mind. He put a charged cell phone on his suit and never felt any symptom. 
  • Chuck decided to suicide but he made it look like an accident by firing his house with a gas lamp. 

So, Season Five!

The fourth season concluded with a Jim very affected by the death of his brother, Mike hired by El Madrigal and an attempt on the life of Hector Salamanca that ended up leaving him in very bad health, almost like when we met him in the original series. Thus, the bases are laid so that the audience gets closer and closer to the Breaking bad timeline.

Originally released in 2015, the series was gaining in history and was increasingly resembling the production with which Vince Gilligan originally fascinated us. The series features several of the original Breaking bad characters, such as Héctor Salamanca, Nacho, Gustavo Fring and Mike, to name a few.



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Season 5 will be released in February next year, I know it seems too much time but don’t worry, time flies and we never noticed. Just get ready to enjoy one of the best drama series TV has! 

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