Best Lunch Places In Toronto’s Baldwin Village and Chinatown

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Are you bored of your usual lunch options after hanging out at the Art Gallery or the the University of Toronto? Try out these best options in Baldwin Village and Chinatown.

Mother’s Dumplings

This long running standard of Chinatown, Mother’s Dumplings, is the number one spot in the city to gorge on amazing dumplings, which are available boiled, steamed, or fried. Sample their vegetarian chive and noodle dumplings, chicken and mushroom, and beef and celery. No matter what you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Head to Spadina Avenue, south of College Street to sample the pinnacle of Toronto’s awesome dumplings.

Kinton Ramen

On cold winter (or spring, or summer, or fall) days, ramen is the perfect fix. Kinton Ramen, with multiple locations in Toronto (including on Baldwin Street) is the best of the best. You can order your standard pork or chicken ramen with shoyu, miso, or spicy (garlic for pork, jalapeno for chicken). They also offer vegetarian ramen, cold and hot tapas, and scrumptious desserts (their matcha cheesecake is top notch.) You can also try them out at their locations in Quebec, Japan, or Korea if you happen to be in the area.

Valens Restaurant

Valens, in Baldwin Village, offers a tasteful array of dishes for both lunch and dinner. Try out this Italian spot’s grilled pear salad, smoked salmon sandwich, or fried calamari for lunch. And don’t worry, you can always go back for dinner and sample their selection of pizzas and pastas. Head over to Baldwin Street on your lunch break to give it a shot.

House of Gourmet

Are you looking for a ton of selection in your Chinese food? House of Gourmet, off Dundas West and Spadina, offers hundreds and hundreds of different menu items. No, really, hundreds, from the usual offerings (like sweet and sour chicken or vegetable fried rice) to the more creative (like garoupa cubes with honey walnut or sautéed duck kidney). Dine out on mixed vegetable fried noodle and wonton soup. And if you aren’t in the mood for Chinese, they also offer dishes like spaghetti and omelettes.

Vegetarian Haven

In the mood for a healthier option? Try out Vegetarian Haven, on Baldwin Street. Its Chinese inspired vegetarian food is a great way to power the second half of your day. Snack on their California avocado rolls, zesty arugula salad, or spicy Moroccan pad Thai.

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