The Best Food Halls to Visit in London

If you're taking a trip to London, why not immerse yourself in their foodie culture and discover some of their food halls.

Photo by Tom Webber

A city like London is known for being one of the best foodie destinations, especially when you get to dine and eat at their premier food halls.

As the sophisticated counterpart to food courts, they provide gourmet cuisines in a variety of spaces, from upscale department stores to public markets. Here are some of the best food halls to visit in London.

Harrods Food Hall

Harrods, the famed luxury department store in Knightsbridge, is best known to attract visitors from around the world.

With a recent revamp to their food department, the iconic building has added the Fresh Market Hall for customers to grab fresh produce items and provide excellent dining services at their oyster bar.

Borough Market

At the Borough Market, it’s a favourite central London hot spot for both locals and travellers alike.

While the market provides various artisanal foods and products, their street food stalls will make your culinary trip worthwhile. A recommended pit stop is Koshari Street, known for making Egyptian street food with vegan-friendly options.

Bang Bang Oriental

Bang Bang Oriental is one of the newest and more eclectic dining halls in the city. As the biggest Asian dining hall in north London, a must-try item from their food fare is the delicious vegan pho at Café la Viet


KERB is redefining the street food market by catering to casual diners and professionals alike.

The chain, which boasts locations in areas like King’s Cross and Paddington, will be opening their newest venue by Covenant Garden called the Seven Dials Market. The location is slated to be ready by this summer.

Selfridges Food Hall

At Selfridges, the luxury department store is a premier fixture on Oxford street. They sell everything from in-house goods to quality market favourites.

Restaurants such as Elan Cafe and Aubaine, known for its Instagram-worthy interiors, is one of their many food hubs that attract many customers, hoping to enjoy their many dining services.

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