Best Coffee Shops in The Path

Rainbow Latte
photo credit: @eatassembly

As one of the busiest areas in Toronto, it’s no surprise that The Path is home to some of the top coffee shops in the city. Though I don’t work in the Financial District, I jump at the chance to visit my friends who do, so that I can enjoy some of TO’s most delicious coffee. Check out my list of the best places to grab a cup of coffee in The Path.  

Mos Mos

There are now two Mos Mos locations in the Path, one in Commerce Court and one in the Exchange Tower, and each one is pretty much guaranteed to have a line out the door. Rest assured, there is a reason for the popularity of this local chain, founded in 2014. For Mos Mos customers, it really comes down to the quality of the coffee and the vast range of offerings (I’ve never seen so many types of lattes in my life). First, they have your espresso options (piccolo, doppio, and solo), then they have your lattes, which include every flavour under the sun, like matcha, taro, and vanilla chai (my friend recently moved to Vancouver and she constantly jokes that the thing she misses most about Toronto are the chai lattes from Mos Mos), and finally they have your iced drinks, which range from cold teas of all flavours to icy apple cider. To top it off, how the baristas keep track of all orders is simple: stickers. Every single drink on their menu has a unique sticker and when you place an order, the corresponding sticker is simply placed on your takeaway cup. I dare you to try them all!

Bulldog Coffee

Bulldog Coffee is all about the espresso experience. Their focus is on high quality coffee, using beans from Africa and Latin America to create a delicious range of hot beverages. Their cappuccino is one of my favourites, but their lattes are also delicious. Latte offerings include freshly-made chai, Nutella, and what they call The Rainbow, which uses food colouring to create latte art like you’ve never seen before. Bulldog Coffee is located in Assembly Chef’s Hall, which can be accessed through the Path or off of Richmond Street West (near the corner of York Street).


Nestled into the top corner of First Canadian Place lies Maman, the Toronto outpost of the original SoHo café and bakery, known for fusion cuisine with plenty of French flair. This authentic French café serves some of the best coffee and tea in the city, including a unique range of specialty lattes (I’m partial to the lavender latte.) However, no trip to Maman is complete without indulging in at least one baked good – whether you’re after a classic pain au chocolat, a slice of earl grey cranberry orange cake, or one of their famous chocolate chunk cookies.

M Square Coffee Co.

Craft coffee is the name of the game at M Square Coffee Co., located in The Sheraton Centre, near the corner of Queen Street West and York Street. Giving off major industrial chic vibes, this coffee joint has a simple menu, but one that is executed to perfection. M Square specializes in black coffee using only single origin beans, while their “white” offerings (lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites) are all made with non-homogenized milk that comes directly from Sheldon Creek Dairy. If you’re in the mood for something to go with your perfect cup of coffee, why not try a steaming bowl of homemade oatmeal from M Square’s Oatmeal Bar? They offer over fifteen varieties of oatmeal. Breakfast is served!

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