Best Cannabis Strains to Use for Your Cannabutter

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While browsing through cannabis products, you may notice the many scents and flavors available. Some types of buds are described as earthy with hints of pine. While others are depicted as tropical and citrus-like. That is because each strain of cannabis has a unique terpene profile. There are some strains whose flavors pair well with butter and other foods, making an even more appealing experience. Below we will mention the best cannabis strains to use for your cannabutter.

For some, strain specificity doesn’t matter. They simply are looking for a high that can be achieved through any type of flower. However, using different strains for cannabutter is much more than experiencing the psychoactive effects.

Tired of wading through different strains for your recipe? We have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis strains to use for your cannabutter. These strains will sufficiently bring out the taste, potency, and quality cannabis experiences. 

OG Kush

OG Kush itself is an Indica-leaning hybrid. When it comes to its terpene profile, once you make it through the classic skunky notes, you’ll notice a strong aroma of pepper, too. This spicy and peppery combination makes for a great flavor additive and making it one of the best cannabis strains to use for your cannabutter. Especially for edibles on the savory side.

White Widow

This beautiful balance of tranquility and inspiration makes for an excellent strain for those wanting to have a little session and won’t necessarily leave you locked to the couch. While OG Kush has notes of pepper and spice, White Widow’s main flavor derives from peppermint. Not overwhelmingly minty but present on the back of your tongue, these notes of peppermint make this strain irresistible to resist.

Sunset Sherbert

When broken down and baked, this strain’s mix of berry, skunky, and peppery aromas are released.

Think of a flavor profile similar to that of strawberry and cinnamon, with a tinge of the classic skunky taste. This unique taste makes Sunset Sherbet an excellent option for cooking sweet treats with, as it adds hints of sweetness and spice. This strain also tends to have higher-than-average THC percentages, creating a potent and powerful high.

Super Lemon Haze

Appropriately named, Super Lemon Haze is known for its pungent, citrusy aroma and taste. This strain smells as close to a lemon, as cannabis can get. Its flavor is surprisingly sweet, making a great strain to be added into citrusy snacks or meals.

Try Them Yourself! 

Fortunately, there’s no lousy strain to make cannabutter with. But, some cannabis strains are better to use for your cannabutter than others. When you have strains with distinctive flavor profiles, they only further add to the tastiness of the edibles you use the cannabutter in. 

When making cannabutter, you should always research the strain you’re choosing to add. This will help you better understand the best edibles to make and how they’ll taste with certain strains. The best part is, making the potent cannabutter-infused treats of your dreams. When crafting your cannabis-infused butter, choosing the perfect strain can sometimes be overwhelming. With thousands of strains on the cannabis market today, trying to find the best one to add in your recipes may feel impossible. 


Crafting cannabis-infused edibles are more straightforward than you may think. At the base of most edibles is cannabutter, which is the entire ingredient needed to make your edible potent and psychoactive. So, as long as you can make cannabutter, you can craft practically any weed-infused snack or meal.

Dosing correctly is crucial when adding cannabutter to your recipes. Otherwise, you can easily add too much and experience an uncomfortable high. Start by adding only the smallest amounts to snacks, wait for around an hour (maybe longer), and see how this affects you. If it’s not a strong enough high, use more next time! You simply have to find the dosage that works best for you. 

Just remember, though, that an exceptionally high dose of THC or a potent strain has the potential to trigger specific unwanted symptoms, such as paranoia, and feelings of anxiety in those who have a low tolerance for marijuana’s THC. We hope you enjoy the compiled list of the best cannabis strains to use for your cannabutter.

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Written by Mell Green

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