Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD Oil

Water Solubre CBD oil
Water Solubre CBD oil
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CBD (cannabinoid) promises to be the next wonder drug or magic substance that can cure many of life’s ills. There’s now a proliferation of CBD oils and CBD tinctures throughout the market, but the technology of making CBD still leaves much to be desired.

CBD is oily, and using a carrier oil to administer it orally translates to low bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the capacity of the body to absorb substances. The body is 60 percent water, and CBD being oil-based won’t necessarily mix with water.

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Only 4% of CBD gets absorbed by the body while the rest is simply flushed out. That’s a lot of CBD wasted. Because of this, there are some technologies being developed to make CBD water-soluble, therefore, more bioavailable.

To make CBD water-soluble, it requires a process of breaking down CBD into nanoparticles. To do this, you need the application of soundwaves to breakdown the CBD into nanoparticles. Since the CBD is now extremely small, it can pass through water.

The following are just some benefits of water-soluble CBD oil:

      Better Odor and Taste

CBD aficionados would likely argue about CBD’s taste. Some may like it, while some are turned off by it. The benefit of water-soluble CBD would be the creation of tasteless and odorless CBD.

Taste is a big benefit of water-soluble CBD since a more neutral odor and taste can appeal to a wider market who may not like the natural taste of CBD. A more neutral taste also means CBD’s odor and taste can be manipulated to suit specific preferences.

      Better Absorption

Essentially, the body is approximately 60% water. Our brains and our tissues are almost 80% water. The blood, most especially, is mostly composed of water, including our very small cells. Thus, it’s more effective for CBD to work with water than against it.

CBD (cannabinoid) promises to be the next wonder drug or magic substance that can cure many of life’s ills. / via Envato Elements

CBD oil is usually taken orally. This means that it takes a long time for it to be bioavailable. It must pass through the digestive tract, where it’ll be synthesized by the stomach acids and liver enzymes. Because of this, the amount of CBD you benefit from is vastly reduced.

Water-soluble CBD, on the other hand, gets absorbed more easily, and you’ll feel the onset of the effect much sooner than any form of CBD.

CBD in oil form simply won’t mix with water, and, as mentioned above, a lot of CBD in oil form just gets wasted. However, water-soluble CBD, since it’s no longer oil-based, has higher absorption in the body. When more CBD is effectively absorbed by the body, less CBD is needed to make an effect on a person.

      Makes CBD Cheaper

The price of CBD dosages can be astronomical. For people who are medicated with CBD, their monthly bills can run-up to the thousands. CBD is a tricky substance to prepare because it’s oily, and most manufacturers turn to oil-based forms wherein a lot of the CBD dosage is just wasted or flushed out. The reason for the high dosage recommendations is CBD is not easily absorbed by the body.

Water-soluble CBD can profoundly change this. Since water-soluble CBD is more absorbent, fewer doses are required. Thus, reducing the cost to the consumer.

      Precise Dosages

Simple CBD oil is crudely absorbed in the body, and there’s no definite measurement of just how much of it is being used.

Water-soluble CBD gives a more precise measurement of how much CBD is being absorbed by the body so medical experts can tell the precise doses needed for a patient. With water-soluble CBD, there’s a consistency in measurement with every dosage.

    Mixable with Other Drinks

The great thing about water-soluble CBD for people who don’t like its natural taste is the fact that it’s easily mixable with other drinks. You can get the calming and relaxing effects of CBD without having to deal with its taste. You can alter the taste of your CBD depending on the beverage you’re drinking.

For instance, if you like your CBD with coffee, you can have the double effect of increased well being and being perked up. If you want to relax with CBD, you can even mix it with your fruit juice or sports drinks. Thus, because it can be mixed with drinks, you can have the healing effects of CBD anytime and anywhere you need it.

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Since water-soluble CBD is more absorbent, fewer doses are required. Thus, reducing the cost to the consumer /via

Final Thoughts

Water-soluble CBD oil can be of vast benefit because of its features of fast absorption and immediate effects. Water-soluble CBD is a game-changer among enthusiasts because it makes the substance more bioavailable. CBD that’s water-soluble, makes it more attractive to a wider consumer base because of its improved uses and better technology.


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