Be Our Guest: 3 Tips to Improve Your Dining Etiquette

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Dinner parties are the best. There’s nothing more enjoyable than engaging in a lively conversation with friends while you share an amazing meal. Undoubtedly, people all over the country will host dinner parties again when state restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal. Until then, you should practice being the best guest possible and follow these tips to improve your dining etiquette.

Learn About Terminology and Placement

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It’s so embarrassing when you’re unsure what knife to use in the middle of dinner. Learn all about table settings during your time social distancing. Make sure you know what fork to use when eating a salad or what spoon is appropriate for soup. The more you know, the better dinner guest you’ll be. Also, study up on dining terminology while you’re stuck at home. For example, flatware and hollowware are not the same. Flatware refers to the cutlery you use to cut and put food in your mouth. Hollowware consists of the other accessories that go on a dining table, such as a water pitcher or a butter plate. Learn more about the differences to impress the host at the next soiree you attend.

Exhibit Basic Manners

One tip to improve your dining etiquette is to exhibit basic table manners. Be a guest that people want to have at their parties and always be polite. Start by keeping your elbows and hands off the table. No one can hold a conversation with you if your hands are in front of your face the entire time. Also, always chew with your mouth closed. It’s completely disrespectful to do otherwise. Keep your napkin in your lap, as well, instead of just throwing it on the table. People will appreciate you being polite and exhibiting basic table manners at the next event you attend.

Go Tech-Free

So many people are glued to their phones these days. While cell phones are incredibly useful, there’s no need to have yours out while at the dinner table. Please, keep all electronic devices in your pocket and opt for a tech-free dinner. It’ll be refreshing not to look at your social media pages every two minutes. If you’re worried that people won’t have much to talk about, brainstorm conversation topics beforehand. You’ll find that you don’t need your phone in your hand to have a good time. Ditching your electronics is polite dining etiquette, and it’ll create a much more dynamic atmosphere.

Everyone should try their best to be the best dinner guest possible. Hosts go out of their way to ensure people have a good time at the events they throw. The least you could do is be polite while you’re in attendance. So, work on your dining etiquette while you’re stuck inside. That way, you can feel comfortable attending elegant dinner parties and walking into five-star restaurants when this is all over. Everyone deserves to enjoy a little luxury from time to time. Don’t forget to match your outfit to your mood, as well—the right look can make all the difference.

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Written by Mallory Knee

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