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I received an internal memo from my boss that was intended for her boss. In the note she indicated that a co-worker, who is also my friend, is about to be fired. Should I let my pal know the axe is about to drop?
Mulling over Mixup


My dear Mulling,
Do the right thing. As for the privileged information you inadvertently received, erase it from your memoryscape, and anonymously redirect the memo to the intended recipient. By telling your colleague, you could be violating internal company procedure. Have you considered that you are being tested? If she sues, you might wind up testifying in a wrongful dismissal case. And, stranger things have happened, what if the powers that be change their minds? To compound being a tattletale, you could lose a friend. It’s human nature to shoot the messenger. Actually, it’s none of your business. Resist the urge, because despite your good intentions, you could create a mess that could also cost you your job. She will know soon enough, and as a friend, you will be there with a shoulder to cry on.
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