Are You a Camper or a Glamper?

the lifestyles behind camping vs glamping

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Do you like the outdoors? Yes? No? Sort of? Depends? Well, lucky for you there are two unique ways of experiencing it. One is the obvious; camping, and the alternative is known as glamping. Camping and glamping have similarities, but at the same time they are completely different. Here are some of the distinctions between one another, in order for you to figure out which one is right for you:

Food and Water
The way in which you cook and how you access water will differentiate greatly depending on if you choose to camp or glamp. When camping, what you eat is whatever you brought or whatever you can catch. Whereas glamping, will often give you the option of having the food items provided for you. How you make your food is also very different. When you go camping, you make food over a fire. Glamping usually provides ovens, microwaves or other cooking utensils. In some places, they will provide meals for you. In regards to water, there is a major difference. As a camper, you are responsible for water yourself. Whether that is bringing your own, or using the lake and purifying, it’s all on you. Glamping on the other hand, gives you full access to clean water.

Another major way in which the two forms of camp differ are their shelters. When you go traditional camping, you have the standard, tent, sleeping bag and ground combo; and there is not much more to it unless you choose to bring a small blow-up mattress. Glamping in contrast, has multiple choices for shelter. These shelters come in the form of cabins, deluxe cabins, tree houses, villas, safari tents, RVs, yurts and teepees. All of these options are available depending what level of camping you want to experience. In addition to choosing your structure, there are also varying beds available. The bed you have will be dependent on where you choose to glamp.


Your accessibility to specific camping features will be affected based on how extravagant you want your experience to be. When camping, where you go to the washroom and where you bathe is all within nature. Going glamping, these facilities are provided for you. Something else to consider when you go camping is control of the temperature. When you are glamping, you are able to buy control access to the heat/air in your shelter. As a regular camper, there is no control over it, but rather it is up to you to keep it at a suitable heat. Finally, there is the accessibility to Wi-Fi and electricity. In certain glamp sites, you are able to purchase electricity and Wi-Fi if you so choose. Camping in contrast does not have this form of luxury, and will have you using natural sunlight instead of man-made lights.

Traditional camping is generally cheaper, especially if you choose to go for the more upscale kind of glamping. Even if you are camping and buying a tent and supplies, these items usually last a while and don’t require to be replaced that often. In regards to planning, glamping usually takes less time. A lot of what would have to be organized is already done and provided for you. Camping, which is usually longer in preparing, can vary in the process depending on the length and style of trip.