Apple Lust

“WOW!!” That’s the first thing I said when I opened my sample box of Pazazz Apples. (Coincidentally, the box actually reads: “Wow Right Now”.) These are beautiful apples. Like something out of a fairytale. I wonder how they taste!
There’s nothing more Canadian than an apple. And yet, because we have them in abundance we sometimes take for granted what “really good” is. (Spoiler alert: this one is “really good.”) Canada’s first apple tree was planted in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, and it’s popularity as the “king of fruits” swept from coast to coast to coast. Today there are countless varieties. Add one more to that list: Pazazz. And when it’s in-market, start bobbing for them.
So, we begin our morning meeting with the new Pazazz apple cut into quarters. Around the table, we hear the crunch, crunch, crunch, and then…the fanfare: “The apple flavour explodes in your mouth”; “It makes you want to get over to Nova Scotia and hug an apple tree”; “I could have this with a cocktail.” We’re all so excited about Canada’s fruit! It literally perked up our eyes. Crisp, complex and intense, there is perfect balance in sweetness and tartness for a rich sensation across the palate.
If we were serving cheese and crackers to our guests, this is an apple that we would be proud to serve with it. A quarter of this apple gives enough flavour, and fulfills our apple lust.
Pazazz is a new winter apple variety descended from the Honeycrisp. It was developed by Honeybear Brands, a family run orchard in Elgin, Minnesota, and is grown in optimal apple-growing regions including Nova Scotia. Officially, it will be unveiled nationally in 2018 and will be available during the months of January and February. Visit: or

Adam Waxman
Adam Waxman is an award winning travel journalist focusing on food, wine and well being. As well as an actor in film, television and formerly, the Stratford Festival, he is the Associate Publisher and Executive Editor of DINE and Destinations magazine, and Chief Content Officer of DINE Media Inc.