A Toronto Guide on Dinner Platters for Two

carbonbar platter
carbonbar platter
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Dinner for two doesn’t have to be all candlelight and roses. Whether it is with your significant other, your best friend, or a sibling, there are some amazing platters to curb your dinner cravings. Between a delicious steak and unmatched bubble-tea, there are plenty of restaurants that offer the perfect dishes for a duo. Let’s take a look at some of Toronto’s best places where two is a party.

The Carbon Bar

The Carbon Bar excels in their smoked BBQ meats inspired by the South. Everything is smoked to perfection including the unexpected. Their scotch is smoked by the fire grill, cornbread is served with smoky, smooth butter that melts in your mouth, and even their octopus has a smoky char kick.

With all the eccentric options, I can never decide what to order. Carbon Bar prepared for that, and so it offers “The Carbon Bar Experience” menu. The Carbon Bar Experience Menu is comprised of a selection of snacks, appetizers, a mid and main course, and dessert that is meant for sharing. You can also try one of their two platters for two. The Fishmonger Platter will serve you and your date some oysters, snow crab claws, shrimp, fish, ceviche, and shellfish. You can also order the Pit Master Platter served with smoky meats and brisket that is a delicious mouthful for two.

Adamson Barbecue

For a Texas BBQ experience, customize your platter with pounds of brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and sausage at Adamson Barbeque. You can always expect daily fresh meats but grab them quickly and plan your duo date in case they sell out of meat that day.


Barbeque platters seem to be the perfect meal for sharing so it can’t hurt to head to Barque. Barque offers the BBQ Sample for Two so you can “Choose-your-own BBQ Adventure.” With the sampler, you can choose one selection from the starters, three selections from the Bar-B-Que section, and two side dishes.

Chicken in the Kitchen

Chicken in the Kitchen is a Korean fried chicken chain that embodies the way dishes are shared back in South Korea. Grab a beer and get ready to share an order of signature platters such as the Cheese Volcano Chicken or the Onion King Chicken.


For a meal that is more light and hearty, get ready for a delightful tea party for two. Whether you are in the mood for casual dining or a meal that is more gourmet, T-buds will have your tea date covered with a selection of sharing boards and a hot pot of tea. If you can’t decide what tea goes best with your sharing boards, T-buds will offer you an associated list for the perfect tea pairing.

Destiny Asia Fusion

Destiny Asia Fusion is a bubble tea shop and restaurant serving meals and desserts. If you’re looking for what stands out in this menu, order their Ferris Wheel served with an actual Ferris wheel that stands on your table. Rotate the wheel back and forth with your date sitting across from you for a choice of five different finger foods.

Tennessee Tavern

Tennessee Tavern is an Eastern European Bar decorated with antiques, rocking horses, chandeliers, neon signs, and crosses on the wall. There is even a huge birdcage on the back patio. The décor isn’t the only thing that will keep your eyes busy. The Massive Tennessee Platter will draw your eyes in with schnitzel, sausage, smoked pork, salad, and eggs. If you’re looking for something more comforting but filling, share some perogies stuffed with potatoes and cheese, and garnished with bacon and onions.

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