’90s Movies That Will Make You Remember When You Were Young

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When we remember the 90’s we remember our childhood. The only responsibility we had was going to school, doing our homework and free weekends were usually spent watching cartoons and movies.


Personally, I am a fan of both but this time I want to talk about the 90’s movies, especially those which had marked my childhood and surely yours too.


The ’90s was the decade of pop.


Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Spice Girls’ posters were all over the walls on almost every girl’s room, and not to mention the BackStreet Boys, which now in 2019 continue provoking emotions on the not so young girls. And if we talk about Hip Hop, nothing like the ’90s, Ice Cube, 2Pac, and Snoop Dogg were my favorites. This music marked a before and after on me.


Fashion also had an important role, even 20 years later, we continue using the trends of that moment. Transparent tops, neon colors, leggins and “grunge” fashion. Mom jeans, band t-shirts, and combat boots, we still see all these pieces on a daily basis, and it’s so cool.


Movies to remember when we were young


Now, the movies.


This decade was marked with an obsessive idea about the future, the technology and, the end of the world. Because of course, it was the last decade of the century and something odd was going to happen on the Y2K.


Then, actors like Keanu Reeves (will talk more about him later because he deserves it), directors like Quentin Tarantino and producers like Jerry Bruckheimer made masterpieces that are and will remain as cult films forever.


And here is our list with my ’90s movies to remember your younghood:


Terminator 2 (1991) 


How to forget the T-1000 melting and going through those bars? How to forget Sarah Connor working out on her cell and preparing herself for The Judgment Day? Terminator 2 is a film that reflects the decade’s feelings for the future. A future where Artificial Intelligence is a danger to humans.


The best thing about Terminator is that this November 1st. the saga returns with Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and, come on, the movie trailer is amazing. I cannot wait!

Movies to remember when we were young


Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)


I remember Robbin Williams with such love, and I remember watching that movie while eating breakfast. I don’t know how many times I watched it, but it was my favorite. The message seemed beautiful to me and I identified with certain things. I was a girl with divorced parents who dreamed they would come back together again. 



Hocus Pocus (1993)


Another classic of my Sunday mornings and family movie nights. From a girl’s perspective, this movie seemed fascinating to me. Now as an adult, I recognize that it is not of the best Disney movies. There is news that there will be a sequel to this Halloween classic.


Pulp Fiction (1994)


A 90’s movie list cannot be complete without this Tarantino cult-movie. Any movie fan who has not seen this one should watch it because it will enjoy a few memorable scenes.

'90s Movies That Will Make You Remember When You Were Younger


Seven (1995)


I remember this movie because I sneaked to watch it and because Brad Pitt seemed cute to me, although the ending disturbed me a lot. Now I understand why my parents wouldn’t let me watch it.


Toy Story (1995)


Toy Story is one of my favorite animated movies ever. I remember that after watching it I believed for a while that my toys were alive. For me, all the sequels of this movie are a “must-see”.



Armaggedon (1998)


Although it may seem like an adventure movie, it always seemed to me like a love movie between father and daughter, and I loved the Aerosmith Soundtrack. It is one of the great films of that decade by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and one of  Ben Affleck’s first blockbusters.


The Matrix (1999)


Watching Neo dodging bullets is the best I’ve seen on screen, that scene marked my life and my increasing fanaticism for Keanu Reeves. Matrix is the epitome of the cyberpunk genre. Getting to think that our reality is a computer simulation was something that blew my mind immediately.


'90s Movies That Will Make You Remember When You Were Younger

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