7 Wonderful Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

save water sustainable life
save water sustainable life
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As you continue your trek through the new decade, you must make positive changes to make this year different than the last. From taking better care of your health to cutting out toxic people or habits from your life, there are many ways to create a better 2020. Another one of those ways is focusing on living a greener life. An eco-friendly mindset will help the new decade in more ways than one—it won’t just help the planet; it will also help you reach those health goals and make even more critical changes. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then take a look below at these beautiful ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. You can make 2020 your best year yet!

1. Donate Regularly

Every year, the clothing industry uses tons of water and energy. Do your part to lessen the demand by donating your clothes and shopping at secondhand shops. You’ll find great pieces and help out the planet at the same time. When you give any clothing, choose to support a charity that helps others as well, such as Purple Heart. You’ll pay it forward, and the world will benefit.

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2. Eat Locally Sourced Foods

When you shop at those big supermarkets, chances are you’re getting out-of-season foods that are neither fresh nor local. That produces waste on a myriad of levels, from the energy it takes to transport the items to local farms falling to the wayside. When you can, try to shop locally for seasonal foods. Head to the farmer’s market, or try out the smaller grocer by your house. You’ll love how fresh these products are in comparison to the ones you get at the supermarket.


3. Quit Using Plastic

People have been saying this for years, so it’s truly time for you to start: quit using plastic. Every time you’re tempted to purchase that bottle of water, reach for a reusable one and fill it up instead. Purchase some reusable storage bags and containers for snacks, too. Bring your reusable bags to the market—the less plastic you use, the better.

You can also switch to plastic-free personal care products like LastSwab’s eco-friendly alternatives to cotton swabs. They are reusable q tips which you can use multiple times after washing with soap and water.

4. Bike More, Drive Less

This seems complicated for a lot of people because it truly is a lifestyle shift. When you decide to bike those short distances, you won’t just improve your health (look, a resolution checked off the list!)—you’ll also do your part on cutting down on those nasty fossil fuels. If it’s not a short distance, carpool, or opt for public transportation—the atmosphere will thank you.


5. Start a Garden

The atmosphere—as well as the curb appeal of your home—will also thank you when you start gardening. You’ll get an inviting home to look at, and the plants, insects, and animals will benefit from your garden’s new output. Choose a flower garden or start an herb, vegetable, or fruit garden so that you can grow your fresh produce. This tip will make a lot of positive changes to your lifestyle and for the planet.

6. Boycott Products that Endanger Wildlife

This way to live a more sustainable lifestyle is quite simple—stop using products that endanger wildlife. From refusing to wear makeup and self-care products that are tested on animals to boycotting organizations that threaten animal habitats, you can make a positive difference in your life and for the animals.


7. Be Smart with Your Water

Our last tip involves assessing your water use. If you can, really try to use less water and reuse it when necessary. Our planet is already running low on freshwater, so the more you can preserve, the better.


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Written by Mallory Knee

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