6 Surprising Products People Are Shopping Online For During the Pandemic

Since the coronavirus spread all around the globe in early 2020, people have been shopping online more than ever before
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Since the coronavirus spread all around the globe in early 2020, people have been shopping online more than ever before. With experts advising us to stay at home to help reduce the number of people infected with the deadly virus, it was inevitable that shopping on the internet was going to increase. 

Before the pandemic, a lot of people opted to shop online for many reasons. Some found that there were a lot more products available on the world wide web, while others scrolled through websites for a unique item they were unable to find in their local store. Some online shops seem a lot cheaper than the same item found in a physical store. Because most online stores don’t have expensive overheads, they can afford to reduce the price of a lot of their products. There is a lot of competition on the web, so stores have to offer visitors good deals if they expect them to spend money. 

Whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll probably find it on the internet. During the ongoing pandemic, you might be surprised how popular some items are while shopping online. 


Shopping Online for Cannabis

In most areas where you can purchase cannabis products for recreational and medicinal purposes, you can purchase cannabis online instead of going to your local dispensary. Since the spread of Covid-19, shopping online for cannabis has allowed sales to go through the roof. 

Although most dispensaries were allowed to remain open during the outbreak of the coronavirus, even during the lockdown as they were classed as essential stores, many people bought their cannabis products online instead. A lot of folks who consume cannabis have underlying health issues, which makes them in the higher risk category. If some of these people were to contract Covid-19, it could prove detrimental to their health. Instead of going to a land-based dispensary, they could shop safely from the comfort of their own homes online. 

Sites like Cannasweet Mail Order Marijuana allow shopping online for cannabis products, and they will send it directly to your home so you don’t have to leave the house. However, just because cannabis is legal in certain areas doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing marijuana online is legal. Some countries like Canada allow shopping online while some states in America only allow the product to be sold inside an authorized dispensary. 


Toilet Paper

All over the media, when the pandemic first began, stores all around the globe found it difficult to keep up with the demand for toilet paper. People were going into these stores and buying them in bulk. The situation got so bad that people were only allowed to purchase a certain amount of it. At the end of the day, nobody likes to run out of toilet paper, and if many people are living under one roof, you can expect toilet paper to be used multiple times each day. 

Instead of going to your local store, in the hope that there is toilet paper available, many people have decided to buy the product in bulk online instead. You might find purchasing a lot of toilet paper, especially during the early days of the pandemic, other shoppers and employees at the store might have been displeased. To avoid this from happening lots of people opted for shopping online for toilet paper.

Instant Pots

Over the last few years, especially during the coronavirus times, instant pots have become a very popular kitchen appliance. Not everybody is a whiz in the kitchen, so to have a device that allows you to easily cook healthy meals in a short space of time is ideal. These programmable pressure cookers allow you to cook meals with ease. All you have to do is get your ingredients, put it into the instant pot, press a button to set the time and your meal will be ready once you hear the bell to notify you it’s ready. 

Instant pots are so popular they have over two million followers on Facebook. People are constantly posting pictures of what they made with their instant pot on social media sites, while some use these platforms to publish ingredients that work well with these appliances. 

In comparison to other cooking devices, instant pots are not expensive. You can purchase a good-quality instant pot for less than $250. Not only is the initial cost inexpensive, but it is also one of the greenest kitchen appliances on the market. They don’t need a lot of electricity to function, which is another reason why they have been so popular recently.  


Board Games and Puzzles

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on most businesses around the world, however, others have benefited from so many people staying indoors. If you are on lockdown or in quarantine with your friends or family members, playing board games or puzzles is an excellent way to spend time. Just when it seems like everything is going digital, including puzzles and board games, traditional versions of some of the world’s most popular games have once again become extremely popular. 

Trying to get each member of the family to do something active together often proves difficult, and if you can’t find the monopoly box that you stored in the attic 20 years ago, you’ll probably be shopping online for board games and puzzles. Although our smart devices and game consoles have helped us get through these difficult times, it’s nice once in a while putting these screens down and playing a game everybody can get involved in. 

To avoid boredom, jigsaw puzzles have become once again really popular. Ravensburger, a jigsaw manufacturer that is based in Germany saw its sales increase by 370% in 2020.



Lots of people who love competing in sports have found themselves unable to play during the pandemic. With experts advising us to avoid contact sports, plenty of people have purchased dartboards online to keep themselves entertained

Although it is a great game to play with others, you can easily play the sport and have lots of fun by yourself. There are lots of different dart games out there, and some like to make up their own rules. Mastering the game is challenging, so people can spend hours each day trying to improve their skills. Before the pandemic, few people would have had the time on their hands to become a better player, so now is an ideal time to purchase a dartboard and see how good you can get. Although a lot of parents are wary about purchasing a dartboard in case a child gets injured, if the game is supervised properly, it can be very entertaining for all the family. 



People all around the world have dreamed of playing the guitar but few try because they don’t have the time. However, being stuck indoors has given a lot of people the opportunity to make their dreams come through. Sales for shopping online for guitars have been booming since the first lockdowns began. 

Although most guitar teachers don’t do lessons in person at the moment, they are offering their services online as an alternative. There are thousands of tutorial videos uploaded to streaming platforms, and you can easily find chords and other information about the instrument online. Some people prefer the idea of learning online because they can figure out how to play at their own pace.

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