6 Essential Gemstones for Good Energy

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There are many things that I doubt, but never that we all are energy. Not only us as human beings but everything around us.


Our thoughts and emotions are connected to our physical bodies and they have their own density. When energy patterns work in a balanced way we experience tranquillity and a lot of peace of mind. However, when we are not well, we can experience headaches, tiredness, stress and many other symptoms. Therefore the importance of feeling good.


Crystals or gemstones are the most stable form of the matter since they are created with very high temperatures and pressure below the earth’s crust, converting them into good objects with a lot of energy. So they work well with the human energy field and are able to heal, move, absorb or change what disturbs us.


Those crystals vibrate differently depending on their composition and colour and their vibration interacts with the vibration of the human body, it can also depend on what moment we are and how we feel.


But certainly, energy helps the body to find its natural rhythm and restores its energy imbalance.


So what is Crystal Healing?


Basically Crystal Healing is to accommodate the stones of different vibrational frequencies in our body so that these frequencies can work with ours and can heal, stimulate our brain activity, reduce stress levels and increase energy flow.


In this way, your energy center can be found and can reconnect with you and make you more aware of your surroundings.


And yes, after many years, gemstones, crystals or minerals are still used to increase our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy balance.


Vibrating high and beautiful is an option that many are looking for good, so I want to share the essential stones to take care of them, love them and receive them in your lives with love. To heal and let go of that unnecessary weight.


6 Essential Gemstones for Good Energy



It gives inner peace and stability. Is the stone of intuition and spirituality. It’s great for meditation and it helps you increase your psychic abilities with its peaceful energy.


Amethyst enhances conscious perception and understanding. It also can reduce insomnia, reduces stress and headaches, cleanses organs in the respiratory system and reinforce the immune system. 




It’s one of my favourites, it’s an energizing stone that provides happiness, hope and courage, reinforcing our self-esteem, self-expression and creativity. 


Citrine is a revitalizing stone that can help us awaken the mind, body and soul and attracts prosperity and abundance. 


Its healing powers can help the digestive organs, heart and blood circulation.


Clear Quartz: 


It works on all areas of the mind and body amplifying and transmitting energy, it provides clarity in thinking. It’s great for meditation because redirect energy with more intensity, it also reduces negativity and allows access to your spirit guides. 


It’s a very powerful healing stone for any condition. 




Encourage us to have positivity and an easy-going attitude in our lives, it brings joy and emotional peacefulness. It also promotes compassion and empathy and increases our motivation, creativity and independence. 


Adventuring stimulates healing on muscles and bones and relieves migraines, and it releases fear, stress and anxiety and helps protect against heart conditions and inflammations. 

6 Essential Gemstones for Good Energy
Red Jasper

Red Jasper: 


This stone promotes stability and balance in life. Its energy helps you to face your problems, and it helps you taking away your worries and calming your emotions. 


In regards to its healing powers, it helps with your blood circulation and your digestive system. 



Rose Quartz:


Promotes love, forgiveness, peace and compassion. This crystal teaches us the true essence of love and brings harmony to our relationships. It also purifies emotions, allowing us to express them wisely. 


It reinforces the cardiovascular system and fertility and helps us healing chest and respiratory problems. 


If you don’t have gemstones but you’re seeking for good energy, I trust these crystals can help you feel relieved, they’ll become your best friends.


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