The 5 Safest Places for LGBTQ2SIA+ Travellers

LGBTQI traveller
LGBTQI traveller
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Now LGBTQ2SIA+ travels can feel safe when embarking on a trip thanks to the GeoSure smartphone app. LGBTQ2SIA+ travellers will have unlimited access to safety ratings on more than 30,000 neighbourhoods throughout the world.

This first-ever neighbourhood-level LGBTQ2SIA+ Safety ratings category on a smartphone was launched in November 2018. In addition, the company behind the app defines its LGBTQ2SIA+ Safety category as rating “likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ2SIA+ persons or groups and level of caution required at location.”

Keeping It Simple

To make everyone’s life easier, the interface on this app is simple to use. We even tested it out ourselves.

GeoSure App

The safety ratings range from 1-100. If there’s a lower score, then the neighbourhood is safer. 

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The Safest Neighbourhoods Worldwide 

Here is what the app discovered about the 5 Safest Global Urban Neighbourhoods forLGBTQ2SIA+ Travellers:

  1. The Castro district in San Francisco
  2. Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood
  3. Amsterdam’s Centrum neighbourhood
  4. Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood
  5. Tel Aviv’s City Center/Florentin neighbourhood

These neighbourhoods have been well-known as queer friendly places worldwide. It’s no surprise that they ranked so highly in regards to the safety of LGBTQ2SIA+ folx.   

GeoSure app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Written by Terris Schneider

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