5 Most Unique Ice Cream Spots in Vancouver

Ice cream season has finally arrived.

Ice Cream Spot in Vancouver - Umaluma Gelato
photo credit: @umalumagelato
As the weather continues to heat up, the search is on for the most refreshing, heat quenching treat. You can never go wrong with good, old fashioned ice cream.

But what if you took this classic and turned it on its head?

Vancouverites and summer visitors to this beautiful city, look no further. Vancouver has some fabulous locations and unique twists, so treat yourself to a cone, cup, sundae, or whatever suits your fancy.

Here are the 5 Most Unique Ice Cream Spots in Vancouver.

Soft Peaks

Soft Peaks’ soft serve is all-natural and lower in calories and fat than regular ice cream as it is made with Avalon organic milk.

In addition to organic milk, other all-organic ingredients include cream, milk powder, stabilizers/emulsifiers (all Kosher certified) as well as dextrose, which is used in place of genetically modified sugar (GMO) such as high fructose corn syrup.

Enthusiastic about including local premium toppings, patrons can add garnishes such as Fraser Valley honeycomb, sweet and sour Yuzu, homemade Tiramisu and Himalayan pink salt to their treats.

Also, all the spoons, cups, and napkins come from local suppliers, and some are even compostable!

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Virtuous Pie

Relive your best childhood birthday party by having pizza and ice cream!

With all varieties of ice cream being 100% plant-based, Virtuous Pie serves up some pretty unique flavours including key lime pie, cinnamon crunch, bourbon vanilla and Marionberry cheesecake.

If you can’t settle on which one to choose, have the ice cream flight and try three different flavours.

The Praguery

Take upgrading with a waffle cone to a whole new level by opting for a Praguery cone instead!

This traditional, Eastern European dessert is similar to a chimney cake made from sweet, yeast dough – raised, spun and wrapped around a shortened cone-shaped baking spit – then rolled in granulated sugar. The only thing that can make it better is putting ice cream in the middle!

The cones are freshly baked, and customers can choose from nine different flavours.


The beauty of all the treats at this favoured Vancouver gelato spot is that all options are plant-based and dairy free. Lactose intolerant people, rejoice!

With a variety of flavours, including classics like chocolate and vanilla as well as fruit-based gelato, there is sure to be something for everyone.


Unique and delicious, Mister is a highly frequented neighbourhood spot commonly noted for its distinct usage of liquid nitrogen.

In its natural liquid state, nitrogen has a remarkably low boiling point of -196° Celsius.

By using liquid nitrogen in the production process, Mister can rapidly freeze its ice cream at ultra-low temperatures, which results in much smaller ice crystals and less air than traditional ice cream.

In layman’s terms, this process creates a denser, creamier and richer ice cream that does not require the use of stabilizers or fillers.

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