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5 Herbs for Women’s Health and Wellness

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The life cycle of a woman consists of natural processes and changes controlled by hormones. From puberty, the onset of the menstrual period, pregnancy, and menopause, the body is designed to transform in many ways. Shortly we will explore the top 5 herbs for women’s health and wellness. 

During these changes, the body requires sufficient nutrients and supplements. In addition to a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced diet, exercise, and adaptation to the typical stresses, women can also enhance their reproductive and hormonal wellness by taking medicinal herbs. 

Although these herbs sometimes are overlooked, they may be the best health and wellness remedy for you. 

Red Raspberry Leaf 

Used for: Painful menstruation and heavy flow. 

How it works:

The red raspberry leaf is a stimulant and the uterine system tonic. It comprises the alkaloid (fragrine) that helps in relaxation and toning of the uterus, hence reducing the cramping pain. 

The Red raspberry leaf also consists of the tannins that help strengthen the uterus and prevent irregular and heavy menses. 

How to take:

A comfortable and straightforward way of consuming the red raspberry leaf is in the form of tea. If you experience a stressful period, you may consider taking it daily during your menstrual cycle. 


Used for: Treating stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, skin conditions, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 

How it works:

Stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety are unavoidable conditions that often affect women. Some factors contributing to stress and anxiety include personality, overwhelming activities, life events, and genetics. 

Stress and anxiety may be part of life, but too much worry and fear can negatively affect your lifestyle. Not everyone can handle or deal with stress and anxiety without being strained; that’s why some women opt for available measures such as CBD. 

CBD products may help treat stress and anxiety and other related symptoms. It may also relive your mind, especially during the night, to give you rest and quality sleep. So CBD can be a great solution to try out if you often experience such disorders. 

Pain and inflammation: At times, you may have to deal with pain and inflammation, particularly after a vigorous workout or daily chores. This can interrupt your normal activities and even make you awake during the night. 

One of the properties of CBD involves relieving pain and inflammation, hence maybe the relief option you require. Apart from reducing pain, CBD may also improve your sleep at night

Skin conditions: Another significant property of CBD includes treating various skin conditions. According to research, CBD components, including THC and cannabinoids, prevent the production of skin cells specifically for people with psoriasis conditions

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help regulate oil production in the skin and reduce breakage due to dryness. It may also reduce inflammation caused by acne and prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 

PMS symptoms: The properties of CBD, such as relieving pain and inflammation, stress, and anxiety, can help ease PMS and other related symptoms such as acne inflammation and depression.

Some women may also experience digestive problems and nausea during their menstruation; fortunately, CBD can be the best remedy for these conditions. 

How to take: 

In general, CBD products improve the health and wellness of women in many different ways. You can buy CBD pills online, smoke, or vape it, take it orally, or apply the oil topically.

Vitex/ Chaste Berry 

Used for: PMS and period-associated problems.

How it works: 

Vitex balances the hormones in women. Healthy levels of hormones are essential for emotional and physical well-being. Vitex, therefore, supports the production as well as the balance of the hormones, thus reducing PMS related symptoms such as mood swings and stress.

Vitex also promotes gynecological health, especially when the menstrual cycle keeps on changing from time to time. On the other hand, the berries contribute to a healthy body and mind during the menstrual cycle. 

How to take: 

The best way to take vitex is in the form of capsules or tinctures. Research indicates that taking vitex in three consecutive menstrual cycles can reduce PMS related symptoms. 

Red Maca Root 

Used as: Libido enhancer.

How it works: 

Red maca root works miraculously in improving women’s health.  It also enhances libido and improves sexual desires. Maca consist of nutritional elements that increase women’s energy and stamina. The high level of proteins also facilitates muscle building. 

Red maca root is an adaptogen that instills balance in the body functions and the hormonal levels, reduces the PMS symptoms like depression, and improves mental focus and thoughts. 

Maca root helps improve fertility by maintaining the average level of reproductive hormones. 

How to take: 

Maca root is best consumed in powder form. It comes with a delicious nutty taste so you can as well add it to your juice or smoothies. 

Red Clover 

Used for: Improving menopause psychological symptoms

How it works: 

Red clover is a source of phytoestrogens that supports detoxification. It also improves skin health by encouraging lymphatic functions of the body. It’s rich with nutrients that help the body adjust as you approach the menopause stage.

Red clover reduces conditions such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and night sweats that may occur if the level of estrogen drops. It also reduces unhealthy cell growth in the cervix. Lastly, its anti-inflammatory feature reduces and prevents PMS acne. 

How to take:

The right way of taking Red clover is in the form of tea or infusion. 

What You Need to Know About Women’s Health and Wellness 

As a woman, it’s essential to be keen on any unordinary sign that may impact your health or the body. Some of the signs to be aware of include unusual vaginal discharge, bleeding in between the menstrual period, breast changes, uncomfortable sex, and vaginal itching. 

If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately seek medical attention. It’s also essential to take health and wellness exams since it helps you identify any health issue before it becomes a severe problem. 

Your health and wellness should be a priority in life. A well-maintained body helps you to avoid chronic diseases and hormonal imbalance. 

How to Maintain Good Health and Wellness

One significant way of avoiding diseases and living a long and happy life for women’s health and wellness is by practicing healthy habits. This may not be easy considering the busy schedule most women lead. So, here are other ways of achieving a healthy mind, soul, and body:

Take a Balanced/ Nutritious Diet:

A healthy balanced diet is an essential step towards living a healthy lifestyle. Foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals are necessary for the overall growth, development, and well-being. 

As you consume nutritious meals, you also avoid all kinds of unhealthy foods full of salt, fats, calories, and sugar. Instead, you can go for fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. 

Regular Exercise:

Today, heart problems are common and the leading cause of death. The right way to fight this problem and maintain a robust and healthy heart system is through regular exercise. Exercise is also good for your body and mental health.

Therefore, always ensure that you exercise at least three times a week. Some of the simple exercises you may want to consider are; walking, dancing, jogging, and swimming. 

Drink Enough Water:

Sixty percent of your body is water. Drinking enough water is essential for optimum body functioning. It maintains the right balance of essential body fluids. These fluids allow blood circulation, food absorption, digestion, production of saliva, maintenance of body temperature, and distribution of nurtures in the body. Your body needs water to survive and is essential for overall good health.


A woman’s body is continually developing. Because of this, it requires nutrients and supplements to facilitate growth. There are different medicinal drugs for boosting your health but aren’t always the best option due to their side effects. 

Luckily, medicinal herbs have proven to possess more substantial nutrients that improve health. 

Many women use these herbs to maintain good health throughout the various stages of life, and you can benefit from them too. 

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