5 Easy Home Workouts For A Perfect Peachy Bottom

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With all the spring cleaning and that busy schedule of yours, fitting in some time to go to the gym can be quite the struggle. But not anymore! With a couple of dumbbells and a kettlebell, you too can achieve a perfectly toned and plump bottom that’ll even have Teyana Taylor saying “Dayum!”

Workout 1: The OG Squat

If you’ve watched the most basic of basic workout videos, then you must’ve done this one before. It’s very simple: stand with your legs shoulder width apart, with your arms stretched out forward, and bend your knees with your back straight until knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds (Feel the burn!), then get back up and repeat.

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Tip: This exercise is a classic but needs to be repeated often in order to see results. Try doing at least three sets of 20 squats everyday and you might notice a little extra perk in your step!

Workout 2: The Kettlebell Swing

This one incorporates the OG squat but takes it up a notch. With a kettlebell in both hands, legs shoulder width apart, keep the bell hanging in the centre of your legs. As you begin to squat towards that 90 degree knee angle, simultaneously swing the kettlebell up until it is outright in front of you with arms extended. Repeat this again, holding the squat position again for 5-10 seconds.


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Workout 3: The JLo

I call this one the JLo because you’ve probably seen it in at least one of her music videos. Lay flat on your back with your knees bent upright, and with you feet planted on the ground, begin to elevate your hips till they are all the way up (it’s basically a classy, and more intense hip thrust). Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat. This works best in 2 sets of 20.

Tip: Kick it up a notch and extend one leg upwards, only working one side at a time. This way you’ll feel the burn much more intensely and see better results!

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Workout 4: The Booty Bounce

The booty bounce is basically like baby squats. In the same position you’d use to begin squatting, begin to squat but hold your position once your knees are around a 60 degree angle. You’ll definitely feel those glutes tightening with this. Once in that position continue bouncing in and out of that position at a decent pace.

Tip: Working out alone can be a bummer sometimes. Invite some friends over with their yoga mats and weights and turn it into a booty party! (Be sure to have a cool twerk playlist on deck too).

Workout 5: The Bench Jumper

For this one, you’re going to need a bench. Whether it’s a park bench, ottoman, short table, as long as it’s something sturdy enough and safe to jump on. With all your strength and the bench in front of you, swing your body up and jump onto the bench, landing in a squat position. Continue doing this for two sets of 10.

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This is definitely the most intense one, so I would suggest saving it for last ensuring that you won’t burn out. You can also select your favourite ones and incorporate them into your existing workout routine. Best of luck, and this summer may the waves be beachy and your bums be peachy!

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