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5 Common Mistakes New Cannabis Growers Must Watch Out For

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Cannabis plants are adaptable to different climate situations. Like any other herb, it is simple and easy to grow cannabis. Due to flexibility sometimes growers tend to overwork on them, which affects their productivity. However, the one that grows wild in the mountains is different from the ones we consume. Also, high-quality varieties need precision to grow. Currently, the cannabis market is in high demand due to the revolutionary legalizations of medicinal and recreational use. People seek for cured, seedless, and favorable buds. The good thing is that expert cannabis growers can now indicate certain errors they made to the newbie in the cannabis cultivation and help us to avoid repeating those mistakes.

If you are planning to grow marijuana, keep in mind the following common mistakes new cannabis growers can make: 

The Seed Genetics

New growers tend to buy less priced low-quality seeds since they are starting and ignore the high-quality ones, or grow the plant from a seed they got in the weed. Both cases will give disappointing results. Their fear to invest a large sum of money on high-quality seeds in the initial stage is natural. Instead, what they do is opt for float tests to find out the quality. And if it turns out to be good, they would use it every year. But that is a mistake.    

Seed genetic research before buying is crucial for any grower. To obtain a guarantee of a positive outcome, growers need to do their study in the market. Failing to prepare is also another typical mistake beginners do. Only buy high-quality seeds from a reputable source. Spending on unproductive genetics will mean only wasting your money. 

Feeding too Many Nutrients

At the beginning of any activity, the enthusiasm level to overdo the work is usual and common. After buying supreme quality seeds, beginners make the mistake of overfeeding. There are two forms of nutrients – organic and non-organic. They use an abundance of these, which is not necessary. Organic manure and refined minerals in the ground release into the soil gradually. The plant will not be able to take it in excess, making it a safe choice even if you overfeed. Non-organics are immediate boosters. Using more than necessary of these can result in the death of the plant or loss of yields. Giving a high dose of nutrients will burn the plant.

The problem arises in following a feeding schedule received from plant nutrients you buy from stores. It instructs cannabis growers to feed too much and this is a common mistake. If you are following such a schedule, make sure you only do a fourth of the proposed dosage. Hence, 25% of dilution in the beginning and then increase it gradually. If the plant shows some signs of abnormality, pour water on it and spray some on the leaves.  

Common Mistakes New Cannabis Growers Must Watch Out


Similar to overfeeding, excess watering cannabis plants is a blunder that can destroy it. Another common mistake, new cannabis growers continuously worry about whether they have watered the plants sufficiently. The concern makes them water too often. Also, if they are growing the plant in a container, the water ends up being excess for the roots. The water remains in the pot and deprives the roots of oxygen. 

To check the issue of overwatering, lift the pot to check the weight or see if the top inch of the soil is bone dry. Or if your plant seems droopy, they are ready for the water. Create a plan once you identify how much water your yield requires. Gradually as they grow, you can increase the quantity. 

 pH Maintenance and Test

The pH level of the water you are using contributes to the healthy growth of the plant. If there is an imbalance, it will result in unproductive output. New growers ignore the importance of maintaining a balanced pH level of water. But it is necessary to recognize which nutrients the cannabis plant can absorb. The mistake of using acidic or basic water will create problems soon. A level of 6.0 to 7.0 is suitable for healthy growth. As for the hydroponic system, 5.5 to 6.5 will enable development. A correct level will allow the plant to absorb any nutrients throughout the harvest. 

Climate Control

Climate affects the development of any cultivation. Similarly, temperature and humidity play a role in the growth of the cannabis plant. The cold temperature will hamper the plant’s growth, and the hot temperature will build up heat stress. The heat will result in plant fatigue and consequently die due to the stress. Try to regulate the humidity level, starting from 60% and reducing it to 40%. To control such conditions intake and outtake fans, open walls in the greenhouse, and dehumidifiers can assist in pushing out the excess humid. 

Common Mistakes New Cannabis Growers Must Watch Out



Besides these cultivation techniques, another priority for cannabis growers is to keep it private, it is your venture, and bragging about it to your friends is a common mistake and might also put your efforts at risk. Keeping it confidential is a wise way to protect the yield.

Seek guidance from expert growers for more skills. Make your cannabis growing a fun learning experience.         

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Written by Jessica Smith

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