Enjoy the City’s Finest Spirits: Toronto’s Best Whiskey Bars

Photo Courtesy of Tim Wright

Whisky bars in Toronto have become a very fashionable way to enjoy a night out. With so many people seeking a fun night out with some sampling, and with Scotch whiskey being one of the most expensive spirits in the world, Toronto bars are stepping up their menu. Here are some of the top whiskey bars that you could consider in Toronto if you are seeking a night of sampling:

Allen’s: This restaurant along the Danforth has been known for its wide selection of Scotch whiskey’s and it’s been open since 1987. Fans of Joe Allen’s in New York will most definitely enjoy visiting this bar as it is built and run by the same owners!

CC lounge: This is one of the most upscale venues that is declared a whiskey bar but the vast majority of samples that you’ll find here are from Canadian whiskey distillers. This is more of a nightclub and lounge space than a full bar. They have a few selections of scotches but they are mostly at the back of the menu.

Via Allegro: This is one of the first places that many people think of when they consider Scotch in Toronto. With over 1000 bottles available for sampling, it’s tough to find anywhere else that offers more of a selection. They have a number of rare bottles as well including the McAllen vertical, which dates back to 1937. If you want to have a night of sampling with whisky, this is one of the best spots in Toronto to do so.

The Feathers Pub: This pub in the Beaches features 400 whiskeys from over 100 distilleries. Their list is massive and they are one of the few places that offers tour flights highlighting some of the most popular whiskeys from each of the main regions.

Keep some of these ideas in mind if you are planning a night out with sampling whisky in Toronto!



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