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10 Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam on Your First Visit

Amsterdam Canal
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What would you do before visiting a new place? Well, the safest option is to do your research before traveling so that you don’t waste your time doing worthless things. If you are here, it seems like you are on the right path with your research. Are you planning to go to Amsterdam on your next trip? If that was a yes that we could hear, here are the top 10 fun things to do in Amsterdam on your first visit.  

Visit Cannabis Coffee Shops

Amsterdam might be famous for many things, but one thing is unique to it. With the legalization of cannabis around the world’s major economies, Amsterdam is also accepting the plant with open arms. There are plenty of coffee shops in the city that serve both cannabis and coffee. Once in a coffee shop, anyone can roll a joint and start smoking to get high pretty quickly. These cannabis coffee shops have two types of joints to offer – European-style and normal joints. European joints have tobacco in them, along with cannabis. On the other hand, rest-of-the-world joints, which consist of cannabis and no tobacco. If you are not so good at rolling joints, you can also buy pre-rolled joints at these cafes. 

However, keep in mind that these coffee shops don’t sell CBD products. If you are looking to buy CBD oils or NuLeaf Naturals CBD tinctures, you need to head to a CBD oil shop. 

Taste Dutch Delicacies

Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to be in Amsterdam and not try the authentic Dutch food? Try not to miss out on these dishes:

  • Stroopwafel

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you should try this part pastry, part waffle in Amsterdam. After baking, the waffle is cut horizontally, and then a sweet syrup or Stroop is applied to it. 

  • Kroket

If you love meat, you’ll love this deep-fried snack with meat filling. 

  • Bitterballen

It’s also a popular deep-fried Dutch starter, present in almost every cafe in Amsterdam. The coating is of bread crumbs, with a filling of beef and cheese. 


Spend Time in a Park

This sounds like a real Dutch holiday. Parks in Amsterdam are the right place to be. Grab a mat and a basket full of snacks and drinks and go to a park. Find your spot, and settle down with your travel partner(s). You can enjoy the afternoon with your dear ones with the best beer by your side. Choose a sunny day for the best experience. 


Explore on a Bike

If the day sky is bright and clear, rent a bike and explore the city’s streets. You could stop by small cafes and enjoy a cup of coffee. Once you have rested for a while, hop on your bike again and explore the full city on it. 


Go to a Museum

For people who love history, art, and facts, Amsterdam has got plenty of museums. Dutch museums are a great way to peek into European history and art. Some of the good museums in Amsterdam for a cultural time are:

  • Rijksmuseum 

This is by far the best museum for history and art lovers. It is the home to handmade furniture and artifacts. To your surprise, you’ll find a real propeller plane on the top floor. 

  • Anne Frank Huis

This museum is the home to the attic where Anne Frank hid when Nazis occupied the country. The exhibitions here detail the war theme of the Nazi time.

  • EYE Film Museum

This is just the place for cinema lovers. The area is a walking history of films and documents revolving around famous directors. Also, the museum has cinema halls for you to enjoy a movie. 


Go on a Canal Cruise

When you think about Amsterdam, the city’s canals are undoubtedly its prime attraction. You should go on a cruise on the canal with your loved ones. If you are traveling with your friends, and want to enjoy a drinking day-out, go cruising on a beer boat. On this boat, you can carry your beer and float around the city. 


Enjoy an Aerial View of the City

If you are done with roaming around the city on a cycle to explore it, you can always go for a bird’s eye view of the town. Go atop Amsterdam’s “toren” (tower) to get lucrative views of the city. Also, there are swings above the tower. These swings even extend past the roof to give you a feeling of literally flying in the air. 


Visit the Largest Market in Europe

Albert Cupymarkt is the largest market in Amsterdam, as well as the whole of Europe. This market is a full swing from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on all weekdays except Sundays. Some of the things you could purchase in the market are – souvenirs, artifacts, clothes, shoes, fashion, street food, and etcetera. Dedicate a full day to the market, and get to know more about Amsterdam. 


Ice Bar

How does drinking beer in -10 degrees celsius with your jacket on sound? If that’s something you’d like to do, visit the Ice Bar in Amsterdam. Here, you’ll need a ticket for your entry, but the access has three drinks on it. The bar will also provide you with a jacket and all the warm clothes that you might need in such cold conditions. 


Visit Madame Tussauds

Yeah, you can visit the Madame Tussauds museum in Amsterdam. Everyone knows that the museum is famous for its life-like statues of all the admired celebrities. Get your pictures clicked with your favorite superstar or any celebrated personality. 



These were just ten things to do in Amsterdam. It’s challenging to mention everything fun that you could do in a beautiful city. For that, you’ll have to take a tour of the Dutch capital and explore for yourself.

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